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Bungalow bathroom before/after

Hi there! Merry almost Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I have a super exciting post today - we finished our bathroom renovation! Bear in mind this is our ONLY bathroom in this house, so it was not without its challenges. There were quite a few stops at Chick Fil A to use the bathroom (and buy a coffee). Thanks Chick Fil A!

I'll get right to the before/afters because that's pretty much the only thing we all care about, but I will also add some specifics down at the bottom of the post. As always, let me know if you have any questions and I'll get them answered.

This was our bathroom before we renovated. We lived with it almost a year and, honestly, it was usable, but the floor was uneven and cracked, the paint had begun to mold (we installed a proper vent fan), & there was no insulation in the walls. And that was just the fundamentals, not the fun aesthetic part. 


1228 bathroom before 7
1228 bathroom before 2

1228 bathroom before 2
1228 bathroom before 2

This pink/white tile was a little sad to get rid of but it was cracked in several places, & had become grubby over time.

1228 bathroom before 2


1228 Fairview bathroom after 21228 Fairview bathroom after 2
1228 Fairview bathroom after 2
1228 Fairview bathroom after 2
1228 Fairview bathroom after 2
1228 Fairview bathroom after 2
1228 Fairview bathroom after 21228 Fairview bathroom after 2

It is difficult to get a good all-scope picture of the bathroom, but hopefully this gives you a feel. 

Most big things in this bathroom were Lowes or Home Depot:



The kid's big request was a double-headed shower

White subway tile - and what helps me is to know that white, standard size subway tiles shouldn't be more than $.15 - .22 per piece.

I went with white grout on the floor and the shower. I love dark grout, but for our house wanted something that felt slightly less trendy.

Finishes took A LOT of my time. I wanted to use: white, gold & navy as my primary colors, so most of my finishes were gold (except shower, and I think a silver shower blends in just fine). The golds don't match perfectly, but I knew as long as I stayed away from bright, shiny gold, it would all work out.

The shelves are just simple pine boards on black L brackets. I stained them with Early American Minwax and LOOOOOOVE the look. 

I sourced the scones from a local store called The Nest, which I highly recommend if you live in Columbia. They are helpful and the store itself is like eye candy for browsing. That's the same place I got our kitchen pendant last year. 

We're still waiting on a few last-minute electrical fixes, but at 99% done I was ready to share this room :) 

Wall color is Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams. 

Floor tile Wayfair. 

The shower niche is a game-changer, and I bought that at a local tile store (around $50 ish) and had it tiled with a mix of the subway and floor tile. 

Did I miss anything? xoxoxo


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