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Master bedroom mini-reveal

1228 Bud & June peel wallpaper

I'm feeling a little embarrassed to share this as a reveal, because a. our "master" is approximately 11X10? 9? I mean, as modern master bedrooms go, it's TINY. And make no mistake, I love a good, small bungalow, but to call it master is sort of funny. AND b. it's a very simple redo. However, and so on and so forth, all excuses aside ETC. we did do some pretty big, basic work to this room to make it look pretty & simple & sweet. I'll explain as we go through pictures.

One thing that makes me SO annoyed, is that our biggest project - well, or second biggest - in this room is that we closed in a door. It seems like it was popular back in the day to create walk-through bedrooms, but for the life of me, except for maybe to grab that emergency glass of water in the middle of the night, it seems like all it does is create a lack of privacy. The annoying part, though! Is that I didn't get pictures of the door we closed in. It's such an OCD point of contention for me that I'm just going to have to show you the pictures and MOVE ON ;) The silver lining is that I did uncover one picture, from the kitchen, that shows a slice of the doorway, and here it is.

1228 door to master from kitchen

See? See? Far left door frame with partial opening. 

And here it is, sheet rocked & mudded.

1228 master door closed in

The other biggie in this bedroom was the wallpaper removal. I've read a lot about renting a steamer, and that is probably the best way to go, but we found moderate success scoring the paper with a razor, spritzing with warm water, and then scraping & peeling. It did leave us with a gluey residue, but that wasn't too hard to scrape off with more warm water. Also, if anyone else is a tad OCD like I am, removing wallpaper = pretty awesome, actually.

Removing wallpaper seems to be June's jam, too.

1228 master Jason was here

Jason used to live here, apparently. Why he put up this wallpaper I'll never know. 

1228 master before wall with couch

Some before pictures, of what it looked like pre-reno.

1228 Master before ironing board side

To the left of this photo is the open doorway that I'm just going to ask you to imagine.

And here is what the room looks like now, minus a little clutter because, staging.

1228 Master after wide view

Never fear, we still have the lovely peacock duvet, but we hit a cold snap a week or so ago, so I've layered us up, including this beautiful quilt Bud's grandmother gave us for our wedding.

A few more views, for fun.

1228 floor dresser view

Showing you the floors.

1228 floor dresser view

The one tiny closet.

1228 floor dresser view

I took this old little chest of drawers we had in Truett's room in our last house, and spray painted it with this pretty shade of blue to turn it into my side table.

1228 floor dresser view

1228 floor dresser view

In other fun news, we are creating an office nook in the kitchen (link here, where the framed pink poster sits now) and the black walnut desktop is being delivered tonight! I will be sure to post updates on that. Mwah.


WOW!!! So beautiful! I'm SO impressed! Not surprised that you have these superb design capabilities, but just SO impressed! Now I want you to come do my house!

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