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Kitchen renovation pictures!

Holy bananas it's been forever since I posted. But! Fun news! We got moved into the new house on December 22nd - our Christmas tree lived in a bucket of water this year because we had no idea where the actual stand was - and we are now, generally speaking, settled in. The kitchen renovation is 99% done (what I'll show you today), and I thought it might be fun to show you what our bedroom looks like now because as I was sifting through old pictures, I realized that one is pretty dramatic, too (next post).

Without further ado, here is the kitchen before:

1228 kitchen before 1

During (I like to affectionately refer to this as The Despair Stage):

1228 kitchen reno during 3


1228 kitchen 1

I couldn't get the light quite right, so here's another attempt:

1228 kitchen 6

And some pre/during/post comparisons:

1228 kitchen before washer dryer

1228 kitchen fridge nook

One of the biggest unexpected expenses (we knew post-inspection, but not before) was that the flooring under the previous washer dryer was rotted, which also led to the discovery of a very wet under-the-house, which meant two big things: joists + supports had to be replaced PLUS I had to have a lot of the hardwood floor replaced in both the kitchen and our bedroom. Our bedroom backs up to the kitchen and with hardwood floors, once you start pulling up boards, you usually have to pull up more than you thought to end up with a continuous look.

So, with all of that in mind, we fixed the rotted floor + under the house, added a laundry closet with shelves, and built out a fridge nook.

And oh! Our bedroom WAS a walk-through, shoot let me see if I can find a before for that. Oh my gosh I don't think I got a picture of that bedroom pre-closing up doorway - ack!! Well, see below? That pink picture hangs where there was a doorway to our bedroom. That space will become a small desk/office area (I've already ordered the walnut that matches the shelves!) and I'll post those before/afters here soon, too. 

RIGHT NOW that area houses a litter box which I swore I would never have in my life, but you can follow along on that whole debacle on my instagram if you like

1228 kitchen open space

1228 kitchen pendant

This gorgeous pendant light was a gift from my mother in law and we got it at The Nest, in downtown Columbia. Like most boutiques, it is expensive, but you can luck out on sales. This one happened to be discontinued so we got a nice price :)

1228 kitchen faucet

This faucet is from Lowes and I love it.

1228 kitchen stove shelves

These shelves are made of black walnut, and are from Soda City Sawmill

Summer found these beautiful cast iron L brackets and they are from Tuscan Iron on etsy.

Oh! Headslap! The countertops are from Graniteman Countertops, and we got a large remnant called Paradise White. They are the same company we used for Marling, and though I liked that countertop a lot, I was on the search for a truer white, without so much speckled material. 

Did I forget anything? Do you have any questions? We still need a few tiny details like light covers and art, but I am super pleased with how it all came together. 

1228 kitchen windows wide view


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