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Friday links


Good morning! 

I hope you had a good week &, if not, are looking forward to a fun and/or relaxing weekend :)

Here are a few links to start your weekend off.

I've made a semi-resolution to do one kind (outside of the ordinary) thing every day. Technically, it's supposed to be anonymous, but so far that hasn't worked at all. Oh well, I'll keep doing it & hope I find more ways to do it anonymously. On that note, I'd love ideas or stories of how you've performed random acts of kindness (or not so random). This website gives ideas & this quote from this website, really spoke to me, "When people are kind-hearted, generosity spreads and people are happy. Scientists say so. Ancient wisdom has always known it."

This polygonal sculpture of a woman passing her hand through a fence, gave me chills.

Oh my gosh, Ostrich planters.

June's really into hair styles right now, so I've bookmarked this article on super easy ones to try.

I went old school with this easy Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe this week and it turned out tasty. Of course, easy is a relative word when it comes to cooking, so while I wouldn't call this recipe difficult, it's definitely NOT akin to slapping together pancakes & fried eggs for dinner. 

Did you happen to see this viral & hilarious (poor dad!) video of a man sliding down his driveway?

This top from Emerson Fry is restocked! 

And, lastly, we are going on a mini-vacation to Asheville (staying at The Grove Park Inn) & I am SO excited. While there we'll tour the Biltmore & have lunch at The Stable. I have a feeling June will geek out on all of the FAWNCY & Truett will love the explanations of how Vanderbilt was one of the pioneers of indoor plumbing etc.

Hope you have a great weekend. xo

(top image via cocondedecoration)


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