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A belated house renovation update

Marling driveway

My computer has been in the shop five times in the last three weeks so it's been...frustrating, and hard to do updates.

In any event, I think we're headed into the home stretch of the house renovation. 

Our counters are going in on the 29th, which is a bit later than I'd hoped, so to work around that I've decided to go ahead and schedule the completion of the HVAC system & the floors next week. We'll just have to be careful on the new floors for a few days longer than I thought!

Marling mailbox

I walked through with my real estate agent yesterday and we came up with a price (!) and she pointed out that we need a range hood in the kitchen. So. Just an FYI to anyone out there doing the same thing and note to self for next house. That'll push me a little over budget, but so far I've managed to stay very close to my original amount, so I feel good about that :) Being a budget stickler is so helpful for surprise fixes and then, obviously, the eventual bottom line.

Cabinet pull + knob

Last week I put in the new gravel driveway, mulch & pine straw. The cabinets are in and painted & I got drawer pulls + knobs. They also finished the kitchen floors and even though I wasn't super excited about vinyl tile to begin with, I LOVE the way it looks. 

Marling floors

Oh! And those gorgeous mailbox numbers are custom made by my sister, who just started her own company, Wynn Designs.

The house still needs some interior paint (kitchen, hallway) which, to be honest, feels endless some days, and we'll add a railing to the small porch off the kitchen. But we're close! (I keep telling myself ;)

Hope you're enjoying your last bit of summer. xo


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