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Friday links

GDI - quidditch

What are you up to this weekend? We've happily got no plans, but I'm hoping to institute some wine & hygge with friends & maybe, MAYBE go see the Quidditch World Cup (!!!)

Let's do some links & see you back here next week.

I loved this explanation of why they shouldn't be called daddy-daughter dates.

OMG these living rooms.

Tigers are coming back, baby!

 Mental illness mostly caused by life events. Whoa, a whole different approach.

I can't wait for cold, fizzy, berry summertime drinks. A bunch of recipes here.

China's real-life Atlantis. Truett is transfixed by this idea, now.

Baby tech is sold on fear. Shame on those companies.

We're thinking about traveling to Nashville this summer & these sound like really cool things to do (and mostly, to eat :)

Matching probiotic strains to the illnesses they cure. And, practical recipes for cooking with fermented foods.

xoxo have a great weekend!

(quidditch picture here)


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