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Happy fourth birthday, darling June Bancroft

GDI - June newborn

I want this baby back. But not really because she is such a cool four year old. 

GDI - June baby

June is smart, and funny, and loving, and spicy. She makes a mean fierce face but is impossibly lovely to babies. She is the most independent little soul I've ever known, walking off into her bedroom and flipping through books, or playing with dolls, endlessly.

GDI - June 8 months

She loves sweets and has changed our household for the better in every possible way. She has introduced a strong gentleness, and I learn from her everyday.

GDI - June spider

She is picky - there are so many things she won't touch because, "Ew, that's disgusting!"

GDI - June Bud

She loves, loves, loves her father.

GDI - June turns 2

My heart breaks to think of her going to school full-time next year and yet, she's such a lover of her friends and teachers. 

GDI - June 2 +

If one child has my heart, the other has my soul, and I'm never quite sure which is which. 

Her dream is to one day be a Ballerina Doctor, which is to say both a dancer, and a doctor. I totally believe she could do both.

GDI - June 1.5

She is funny, so funny. I knew she would be ever since she was tiny. Whereas Truett is our literal straight-man, June has had a twinkle in her eye from so early on. She's a burden-lightener and an amazingly responsible cat-feeder.

GDI - June & B

GDI - June & B 2015

I once described her as my lovely little sprite and she continues to be - so much like a fairy - small, magical, sweet, fierce. 

GDI - June 3.5

June Bancroft, I love you more than I ever thought possible. xoxoxoxo

GDI - June apple picking


Great, great, great post! I love her too, as a distant aunty and a kindred spirit.

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