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Friday night movie-night

GDI - Lion Witch and the Wardobe movie

Our Friday night family-movie-night evolved organically. One Friday night several weeks ago I felt so drained. We'd all been fighting a nasty cold and I just couldn't parent that night.

So I got into our huge king sized bed with the kids, and piled books, the computer & my phone in after us. I ordered what felt like every item on a chinese food menu, & put on Nanny McPhee (so good). It was cozy and fun, and restorative.

That was the beginning of our Friday night movie & family night.

Since then, we've read - and then watched - The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe & this past Friday, the second installment of the Harry Potter movies.

We're also reading the rest of The Chronicles of Narnia, and am enjoying them as much or more than the kids (June's still a bit young and wanders in and out of the stories). There's a reason people call C.S. Lewis a genius. In the mornings I'll pile the kids clothes on our bed, bring in a tray of coffee & breakfast, and then snuggle down for a few extra minutes to read to them. It has quickly become one of the best parts of my day.

Our other dinner choices have been: homemade chicken noodle soup, & potstickers. My idea is to combine food, comfort, stories and time together to make Friday nights a time to just chill and be with each other. No expectation, no goals :)

It has had unexpected benefits, too: I no longer schedule hygge on these nights, which I think is especially helpful when everyone just needs to a hunker down. It gives me a good reason to say no to screen time for the weekdays (we only watch TV on movie night & weekends). And we get excited to finish books and then read their movie counterparts.

PS - but getting together is important, too.

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