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Three places for lovely art

GDI - paper fashion gown

I have a slight obsession with art window-shopping. So I thought I'd share a few of the ones that make me happy, on this grey Monday, below (is the Monday below? is the grey happy? I struggle with sentence construction ;)

Isn't this bunny cute, and this cow so expressive? Love them both.

GDI - bunny sketch etsy

GDI - cow print etsy

I love these dress sketches. I love rough dress + fashion sketches - all of them. If I could follow a mad dress designer around & gather her crumpled drawings I'd take them all home and frame them.

GDI - bluebird gown paperfashion

The crow & bear are both haunting, and beautiful.

GDI - crow drawing andreaslie

GDI - bear andreaslie

Bunny & cow at cmqstudio.

Dress sketches at paperfashion.

And crow + bear prints at andreaslie.


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