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Winter soups

GDI - the kitchn creamy soup

On Mondays and Tuesday I teach art out of my home.

On Wednesdays, I do a morning yoga class & June has ballet in the evening.

Thursdays and Fridays are usually my catch-up days, but sometimes Truett has soccer (during his two seasons - he loves it!).

I love to cook & have been making an effort to feed the kids snacks less often, so they eat real food when it's offered.

Which leaves me with...soup. Seriously, soup. Truett grumbled about "soup again," last night, but happily ate a chicken corn chowder I made.

GDI - thekitchn italian wedding soup

Whenever I do a shopping trip I throw two or three loaves of french bread in the cart, and freeze what I won't use immediately. On nights we have soup read: often, I put a loaf in the oven long enough to thaw & then get hot and crispy, and then serve with thick, rich, creamy Kerry Gold butter. 

June and Truett will not eat anything that has visible onions in it, so last night I cooked the chicken for the soup with garlic and onion for flavor, then spooned out as much of the two as I could. It worked!

Here are a few of my favorite recipes, if you're looking for warm, filling & simple winter dinners, like I always am. PS - I don't really follow recipes, I just get a gist & then go for it in the kitchen, with what I've got. For some people - following a recipe to a tee works best, for me, it feels overwhelming. Honestly, just go with whatever cooking-style is yours, you'll be happier and more successful that way.

Chicken corn chowder. Note, I used cream + broth, not milk.

Rosemary chicken noodle.

Classic tomato soup . With grilled cheese sandwiches? 

GDI - thekitchn kale soup

(all images from the kitchn, PS with good recipes, too)


I can just see Truett grumbling about soup, ha :) Miss you guys!

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