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Smoothies to prepare your family for winter

GDI - green smoothie

We're heading into the bleaker - if festive - months, and, anticipating lots of decadent eating over the holidays - I'm trying to perfect our smoothie recipe. It is truly the only way I can get the kids to eat spinach, or kale or...whatever else I can cram into the blender.

This afternoon Truett & June helped me put a smoothie together - the more they participate, the more they are inclined to eat the creation, it would seem.

Here's what we blended (and ate all of!):

Frozen: strawberries, mangoes and cherries.

Apple (skin on but chunked up), mango yogurt & kale leaves.

One good tip I read, for getting kids to eat green smoothies - is to add greens slowly as your kids learn to love the flavors. For the first smoothie maybe only add one or two kale leaves, and so forth.

I'm also determined to get us out for long walks or bike rides before darkness & early bedtimes :)

GDI - green smoothie ingredients

(The picture above is of a smoothie I made with pomegranate seeds and I would not recommend it).


Bananas are good in smoothies, too.

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