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My favorite ways to unknot

GDI - bath apartment therapy how to unwind

Every night, after I put the kids to bed, I light a candle, run a hot bath and have...oh, fifteen minutes to myself (that is if the kids don't run into the bathroom, telling me they can't sleep or...whatever else).

I usually make a cup of hot herbal tea afterwards, go sit on the couch and do one of the following: talk to Bud, watch a show or read my book of the moment. 

I might as well be a poster child for motherhood-stereotypes ;)

GDI - pasta martha stewart

But ever since dealing with mega-anxiety following the weaning of June, I have made a point of doing these few, simple things. I don't talk much on this website about my anxiety for a few reasons, but the main two are because I'm much better now, & ruminating about anxiety can get the old hamster wheel turning.

GDI - simple me time

So when I read this What Do You Do For Me Time, on Cup of Jo, it really resonated. 

The truth is, taking time to take care of yourself is so, so important. It's totally unselfish, turns out, because it actually helps you take better care of the people around you, too.

I'd love to know what you do to grab a moment or two - or more - and recharge?

Some of my favorites, in addition to my bath & tea routine, are:

Cozy slippers in the winter time. I love, love these from L. L. Bean, they are worth the investment. This goes along with a soft sweater, good sheets - anything, really, that pleases the senses.

GDI - cozy slippers

Yoga. With June in morning-preschool, I'm able to add a weekday yoga class in addition to my Sunday morning class. And it's not just the Om factor, it's also working hard at getting better at something - it's that high you get from a difficult class, or a hard-won trophy. My yoga teacher made an offhand comment that I'd gotten a lot stronger since last year and, dude, I put that compliment in my pocket and have since worn it out.  

GDI - yoga pose

I drive to the carpool early and, while I'm sitting, read a book. Some of my latest favorites are Smoke Get in Your Eyes (perfect for October), Leaving Time & Voracious

GDI - white bedroom me time

And - if Bud is out of town for work - I put the kids to bed, make a buttery, peppery bowl of pasta, open a bottle of cold white wine, and binge watch The Real Housewives of New York or Beverly Hills (those are my favorite two).

Not listed, but equally - if not more - important: heart-pumping exercise, hanging out with friends & healthful, but tasty, food.

What do you do? Anything silly, weird, quick? I really would love to know. 

PS - six reasons to wake up early

(first image credit apartment therapy, second image credit martha stewart, third breathe by Michael Ryan design, fourth cozy slippers at craftsy, fifth image credit mindbodygreen,  & sixth image credit apartment therapy)  


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