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Friday tidbits

GDI - drink coffee Friday

What will you do this weekend? Georgia, Aurelia & Peter are on their way to town!! and Liz & I are doing a make-up art class this morning :) We'll work on paper mâché pumpkins & make spooky spider cupcakes. 

Have a wonderful weekend - whatever that means for you - and see you back here Monday!

Martha Stewart Halloween store, if you're not down with all of the DIY-ing (frankly, I'm regretting a bit my kids complicated Halloween costumes)

Un-done hair or a ballerina bun, check check. The rest, not so much. The French girl beauty uniform.

Why you should blow some money on travel :)

A really quick way to figure out your style profile.

Good lord Bradley Cooper's a cutie. Sheesh. Whoo. Is it hot in here?

A drought causes a 400 year old church to magically appear from the water. Whoa.

My girlfriend Patti tagged me in this hilarious FB meme.

A beautiful, simple one-pot meal (sounds perfect for fall weather).

Tiny but spacious cabins.

A cool idea for resort development.


(I love this quote, image via pegitboard)


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