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A fun fall project

GDI - hot air balloon

We just did these paper mâché hot air balloons in art class, and they turned out sooo pretty I thought I'd share here.

We used this online DIY tutorial but a few times we felt like it was a total pinterest fail - the newspaper took forever to dry, when I put them in the oven to quicken the drying process, the balloons expanded and cracked the newspaper etc etc. BUT! We managed to overcome these snafus and ended up with a sweet & beautiful hot air balloon for the kids to hang in their rooms.

Our next project will be to sew little felt animals to ride in the baskets :)

Some tips - use the balloons as the scaffolding, but don't pop them afterwards. This way, you can skip the newspaper step altogether and just glue pretty fabric remnants onto the balloon. Afterwards, use a hot glue gun - without the kids - to glue the fabric to a yogurt container and presto! A simple basket.

If you can find this beautiful red & white twine I think it's well worth it, but we used grey hemp twine as the basket ropes, which is pretty as well.

Use the hot glue gun to fix the twine to the balloon & basket, and that's it! It is a such a sweet thing to hang in your kiddo's room.

GDI - balloons 2


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