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How to host a memorable Christmas party

Grape Did It - bar cart thekitchn

This December, my girlfriend Mandy & I are going to host a swanky Christmas party! I am so excited. Mandy threw out the idea a few days ago and, since, the inspiration has been flying. (Of course, Pinterest doesn't help). 

We're trying to keep the party simple, elegant and fun. Here are some of our ideas below.

Create a self-serve bar with lush accents & a signature cocktail. The signature cocktail saves you the headache of hiring a bartender, and/or the messy potential of many people insisting they know how to make the perfect (insert complicated cocktail here). 

Instead of loading a party music playlist we're going to use...vinyl records! It'll set an old-fashioned mood and be a fun conversational piece (Mandy's mother has a collection of Christmas records - score!) It'll also let our guests play dj.

Twinkly lights. Twinkly lights. Twinkly lights. They cost about a dollar a box at dollar stores and so you can load up and hang them everywhere. That way you've got mood lighting (everyone always looks so much sexier in low light :) and tons of festive decorations all at once.

Grape Did It - Colin Cowie Weddings flowers

Big, beautiful bouquets of flowers are indeed beautiful, but they are also expensive. I'd grab a few bunches of whatever is the prettiest (also often the most plentiful and cheapest if it's in season) and do lots and lots of tiny bouquets sprinkled on the tables and surfaces around the party rooms. (Also, Nigella Lawson suggests cutting clusters of grapes and spreading them out for people to absently munch on). 

Food. Simple but looks like a million bucks. Think asparagas spears wrapped in proscuitto, a cheese board with toothpick flag labels and piles of gougeres

Grape Did It - Manger gougeres

We're also hoping to create our own invitations using a wintery picture and adding text (a bit like Truett's 4th birthday party invites).

What'd you think? Have you attended anything amazing recently and would like to share a detail or two? We'd love the suggestions! 

(images here: bar cart from thekitchn, white ranunculus from Colin Cowie Weddings, and the gorgeous gougeres from Manger by Mimi Thorisson)


Sounds fabulous! Can I come?!

YES! Please do :) Seriously - to anyone - if you'd like to come, let me know!

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