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How to make custom holiday cards (for way cheap)

Grape Did it - DIY holiday card

This year I really wanted to make our own Christmas cards. I figured we could use pretty rubber stamps to decorate blank cards & then slip a picture of our family inside. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I could probably make a custom card.

Here's the process I followed, if you're curious.

First, we gathered together to make a family picture (shout out to Bud's dad for his patience in snapping our photo numerous times :)

(Also, the photo in this post is not our actual card this year - I wanted it to be a surprise!)

Then, last week, I went by a local rubber stamp shop and had a postcard stamp made. If you live in the Columbia area, these guys are great. If not, here is a pretty option on etsy.

Grape Did it -rubber stamp holiday card

I used this app, called Over, to add text to our photo.

Then I went to a print shop (I used a UPS), and the super helpful people there helped me figure out how to print the pictures on thick card stock, the size of a postcard. For an extra $9 (it was well worth it), they even cut them so they'd look professional.

Grape Did It - card stack

After that, I used the rubber stamps to create post cards. All that's left to do now is address & send out!

Grape Did It - holiday card back

That's it!

The cost breakdown:

Printing 100 postcards on cardstock: $36 (included cutting)

Re-usable (for next year) rubber stamp: $14

That's a lot less than what we spent last year on our cards + next year I've already got the stamp!

But if you're not in the mood to make your own, these are two online companies I've used and been happy with before: Minted & Pinhole Press.

PS - any good tips for how to get everyone looking happy at once? And, our card two years ago - hard to believe!


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A little tip: for about $10 you can get a wireless remote for your DSLR which means you don't have to make someone else take the picture for you! It takes a little practice to keep it hidden while you're posing but it was a lifesaver while we were trying to coordinate 4 people and 2 cats. This is what I have: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/digipower-wireless-remote-for-select-nikon-dslr-and-nikon-coolpix-cameras/1319472.p?id=1219048898410&skuId=1319472&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=1319472&extensionType={adtype}:{network}&s_kwcid=PTC!pla!{keyword}!{matchtype}!{adwords_producttargetid}!{network}!{ifmobile:M}!{creative}&kpid=1319472&k_clickid=523ffd8f-a967-e5c9-eb87-000010ae9bec

Ooh thanks Michelle! I saw the cat picture - funny :)

This is awesome! I got a groupon this year, but next year would love to print our own. Last year I bought a design off Etsy that used several pics I sent the artist. But I ended up having her print them, which wasn't as friendly on the wallet. I had no idea you could just go down to the UPS store and print on cardstock! I can't wait to see your card this year :)

Hannah - I thought of you when I was making these - since we've talked about holiday cards a bunch. It's so fun to be able to make them myself, too (in addition to the savings :) Hope you guys are having a great holiday season so far! xoxo

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