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The ultimate way to de-stress

Grape Did It - start a coffee club

We've totally lucked out and landed in a neighborhood where kids still run around after school to play, and parents get together for a glass of wine on Friday afternoons. Truett's preschool also happens to be three doors down and right around the corner, so I decided to start a coffee club with the other parents.

I'm a huge believer in community - I mean, don't get me started on how much sharing helps with life (esp after kids!) - and last week, after a particularly well-timed chat session with a neighbor friend - I decided I had to keep the ball rolling. 

So I put together little coffee drop-in postcards to hand out at Truett's preschool to the parents. The idea is that we'll all meet on Tuesdays for a little (or a lot) of time at the local coffee shop. We can chat, eat and totally de-stress by swapping crazy family stories :) A few of us even met yesterday, and it helped put a spring in my step all day!

Do you have a group like this? Planned or unplanned? My friend and I were talking yesterday about how one of the most lonely times in life is right after your first baby - it's pre-preschool (where you meet other parents) and s/he can't even talk yet (though the cuddles are pretty spectacular)! 

PS - Why is it hard to make friends over 30?


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First of all, that is awesome you made those post cards! I would come have coffee. Sometimes, all people need is an invitation. Because, YES, it is hard to make friends after college. I think it is a tad easier if you have kids in common though. Or dogs...just something automatically in common. Either way, more of an effort is required. I approached 2 of my now friends in Panera when I moved to WV, and I'm so glad I did. Way out of my normal comfort zone though!

I wish you were here, Jackie! And your little chunk of love :)

Really interesting NY Times article.

I love this idea! :)

And damn, that article is SO true.

Sarah - I know! The good news is that I think people are beginning to realize just how valuable friends & community are and to tweak lifestyles accordingly (you've got to get a copy of Pocket Neighborhoods, I think you'd love). xo

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