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Travel to DC - ideas + tips


In September I'll be traveling to Washington, DC to celebrate Georgia's 30th birthday! (She's the baby in our family, I cannot believe it!)

It's going to be a whirlwind: up on a Friday evening, back on a Sunday and it'll only be us girls. Truett & Bud will have a guy's weekend here at the house :)

Here are my brainstorms on packing light with baby + some great insider tips from Georgia on where to go and what to eat (for our next, longer trip to DC!) 


(image (+order) via littleblackbag)

The airplane bag:

Two diapers + slim pack of wipes. 

A bottle of water. Several years ago I read a tip that said to order tomato juice when in-flight. It's loaded with vitamins and can even serve as a mini-meal (helping to ward off travel crankiness). So now that's what I do in addition to bringing a bottle of water.

Small snack. After reading this awesome idea via Cup of Jo, I thought, why not make the flight a mini-luxury? I plan to pack herbed crackers, a small hunk of (not smelly) cheese, dark chocolate covered cashews (have you had these? Amaze.) & a small bag of fruit, like cherries.

Minted rose lip tint. When I went to get my pre-giving-birth bikini wax, I picked up this tin of lip balm and love how it's minty and makes your lips look pretty (sometimes I smooth it onto my eyebrows and cheeks too!)

Reading material. I'm reading Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeannette Winterson. It's brutal, but so good. That, or a vintage Domino, with a notebook for jotting ideas.

A big scarf or wrap for if the plane is chilly. Best recs?


(image via pinterest)

Our suitcase:

A dress for Georgia's party (she lent me a DVF dress years ago and it finally fits!) (PS - How I Lost the Babyweight).

The sweetest little black and red dress for June for Georgia's party.

A pair of jeans + two tshirts for me.

Three onesies for June + one longsleeve shirt & one pair of warm pants (you can sink wash in a pinch) + 2 pair baby socks.

My rider boots & black flats. This is a good combination: flats for slipping on and off on the plane and for running around town & then the boots for the party itself. (Also, if it rains or takes a turn for the cool, having boots is a lifesaver). My boots are similar to these and have been my favorites for two years now.

A leather jacket. When Kathleen and I went thrifting (after her birthday brunch here) I found a sleek leather jacket for $45! It will probably be warm, but it's so easy to throw over a tshirt in the event that it does get cool.

A handful of diapers. I'd just as soon run by the drugstore while I'm there for more, if need be.

A dop kit with only the essentials.

A few socks and undies + one sleep outfit for June (I'll use a tshirt) and that's it!


(image via The Washington Post)

Places to go:

I'll be staying with my grandmother in super charming Old Town, Alexandria and we'll have the party at The Lorien - a pretty boutique hotel also in Old Town. 

Old Town is a gorgeous part of the DC-metro and it's right on the water (you can have a picnic, feed the ducks, let your kids run around) and see the old cobblestone streets (if you're a history buff, you can also see George Washington's church!). Old Town also has plenty of little shops and cafes or pubs to stop in for a bite or drink.

Just across the water is Georgetown - a super cool area that looks a lot like Old Town but has a younger, less-historic vibe. It's great for shopping and also for having tea at The Four Seasons. I should have been born in a earlier era because going for tea is one of my absolute favorites (in fact, my brother took me for high tea at this very hotel for my 16th birthday :) 

And from Georgia: you know I'd say a Nats game - you can do Grandstand tickets which are only $5 but they're standing room only - except there are tons of casual seating areas (pavillion type) around the food/bar areas, and it's a cheap price to pay to get to walk around the stadium, watch the game, try some of their food. There's also a kid's playground area.

Farmers' Markets on Saturday morning - you can find them essentially everywhere - Falls Church, Arlington, Old Town on the town center, etc. fresh flowers, food, handmade stuff. And it's great for someone who has little kids who wake up VERY early (haha, me!) 


(image via smittenkitchen)

Places to eat: 

I left this part up to Georgia who generously emailed me her top picks, but whenever I talk to someone about DC, it's mostly to lament missing out on all of the great regional food.

1. A newish gastropub called MadFox in Falls Church - they are a microbrewery and also their food is amazing. (A cold beer + the Bitterballen sounds sooo good)

2. Meat In A Box - also in Falls Church - similar to Moby (Middle Eastern food and also amazing) but more delicious, friendly, cheaper (a little) - super cute place, very friendly husband-wife owners who actually do the serving, front of house & cooking.

3. In Old Town there is a little pizza place that is cute & friendly, called Bugsy's.

So that's it! I cannot wait for our trip - part of the plans include a girls lunch, a mobile spa (can you believe it?) & a few other fun treats :)

What are your travel recommendations - with or without kids? Have you been to DC or live there? What are your favorites places to go or eat?

(top image via globetrotter1897 - a gorgeous line of luggage)


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If you feel like braving Chinatown, Graffiato is my all-time favorite restaurant in DC - I go there as often as I can. The food is phenomenal, and there is a parking garage directly across from it (although it's DC, so of course it costs $14 an hour or something terrible like that). It's crowded and loud though, so may not be not a pleasant experience for kids unless you arrive at odd hours...

I would also recommend stopping by Eastern Market on Saturday. They have some fantastic antiques, handmade jewelry, handmade toys and clothes for kids, and of course the market itself inside. Lots of families mill about and there is some fantastic food too.

Lastly, the weather here is finally cooling off so if you're up for it, it could be nice to take one of those monuments cruises from Old Town to Georgetown and back (I think it's something like $13 each way through the Potomac Riverboat Company). And while you're in Georgetown, make a point to stop by Baked & Wired. Best cupcakes and lemon bars (and coffee) I've ever had, and it certainly beats the long line at Georgetown Cupcake.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need a quick recommendation while you're here! My email and number are on my FB info page. And of course selfishly, I would love to see you for a quick cup of coffee or drink but I know you are in town for a very short time to celebrate with your sisters. :) Have a great trip!

Oh my gosh, these are FANTASTIC Kay! I'm going to start a DC guide and will hopefully be up for a longer trip soon :)

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