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New side tables, diy-ed from vintage sewing tables


I had so much fun doing this project although to be fair, Bud did a huge amount of the...um, actual work. But! I did do a bunch of the painting and got to feel all artsy and painterly in the process :)

We began with old, beat up looking sewing tables. I just eye balled them at the thrift store, gauging that they were about the same height. One has mid-century lines and style and one (above) has a more romantic feel (curvy legs). On the other hand, they are both simple enough to match without being matchy. 

We removed the old sewing machines, sanded and then painted them with a glossy black enamel. Bud had the genius idea to spot-paint any of the thin areas with spray paint so we didn't have to glob on layer after layer of the thick stuff. That was it!

Yesterday we re-arranged the furniture in our room and put a bedside table next to each side of the bed. We moved Junie's crib into Truett's room (this always makes me feel a little weepy) but now we have a proper grownup bedroom! 

I'm a little shy of sharing the in-bedroom pictures because I'd still love to get the walls repainted & curtains up, but I'll see if I can get a good shot and share with you guys.

Here they are standing next to each other :) I LOVE the way they turned out (they look like a million bucks and we did the entire project for under $50!) and it probably sounds silly but having a spot for my books and chapstick and water is such a refreshing change from the floor.


And now these are our official living room side tables


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Love them!!! xo

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