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Grape Did It Redesign!

In July I took this super awesome blogging class. (I'd highly recommend if you're a blogger looking to grow your site). As part of my business plan - and something I've been dying to do for a long while - I hired Christina of Magnolia Moonlight to redesign Grape Did It! You can find her etsy shop here.

Right now we're still in the early stages of the redesign - firming up colors and layout - and then comes the hard part where I have to figure out how to organize and import all of my old content (sigh) BUT I'm thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED at the prospect of a shiny, new site!

In the meantime, what are some of your favorite sites for design? What do you look for when you read a blog? I'd love to know. (And I'll keep you posted on when to expect the new design!)


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When reading a blog I look for pictures and stories of A) Dachshunds and B) red headed babies.

Writing in notes: red headed weinie dog pictures for Sarah S.

Well Sarah S. took the words right out of my mouth. Oh a little more Bud and Hope and add a touch of Copper.

I took a look at the website for the blogging class you took. I was saddened to see:

"A degree in the business of blogging, per say."

Even though her spelling isn't great, per se, I'm sure the class was useful.

Oh, haha - that's the thing about blogging, it's SO easy to miss a misspelling or grammar mistake. Luckily I have some eagle eye family members :)

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