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How I lost the babyweight + some


After Junebug was born I found it much more difficult to lose the babyweight than I did after Truett's birth. You can read about it here & a little here.

In a fit of frustration, I finally got the book Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel from the library and began reading. It really resonated with me and I would highly recommend reading the book if you're struggling too :)

Here are the bits that helped me the most:

Eat good food before indulgent food. Coming to the table staaarving and eating three thousand french fries is never good, so eat something healthier first and you might only have ten fries. Or, as she puts it, ruin your appetite.

Pay attention. How hungry are you exactly? Sometimes you really do need a big meal, but sometimes you're just pre-programmed to eat a lot at that particular meal. (So far I've had meals that are simply a big salad but I've also had a cheeseburger + fries + ice cream meal).

*In an odd twist, I've also found not-paying attention to be helpful. Bethenny says, it's just food. Neither good nor bad. Enjoy it but don't obsess.

Eat like a European! This tip helps me because it's such a romantic one. Enjoy that small gelato but just keep it small. I automatically order the tiiiny cup at the ice cream shop now & by the end, I'm totally satisfied (partly because it's real ice cream & your body knows it only needs a little).

Bethenny talks a lot about what she calls the differential & I think this works in two ways. One: when you eat french fries, you know how good that first one tastes? Heavenly, right? But how about the fifth or tenth? By then they aren't AMAZING anymore and you might as well quit. This goes for the quality of food you're eating too. Nachos almost always LOOK good but man have I had crap nachos. When something doesn't taste great - stop eating it! The second way this works is like this: I have a MAJOR issue with low-fat, no-fat, no-sugar food. Frankenfoods, if you will. On the other hand, I can add a little milk (or even water) to my homemade, full-fat ranch dressing and it'll go farther + tastes the exact same as the original. Figure out exactly how much you need of something delicious. This works when you substitute half and half for full cream etc. The difference - or differential - is negligible. Then again, sometimes substitutes or lighter versions of something turn you off & that's when you should eat the real deal.

Lastly - and this advice was the most profound - I call The Air Conditioning Effect. It's when you go into your house and you've been on a long hot walk and are tempted to turn the air down to a crisp 60 degrees. But leaving it on 70 and letting your body cool down works just as fast. Whenever I'm starving, I'm tempted to pile my plate super high. But just because I'm really, really hungry doesn't mean it's going to take that much food to fill me up. Start with small portions, eat slowly and then see how you feel. 

That's it! I'm about 5 pounds under my goal weight and I think I'm probably done losing weight. I fit back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes & I'll admit...I'm feeling pretty good. (Although it did occur to me this morning that no matter how cute I feel on any given morning, I'm liable to smell like peanut butter. It's a mama thing :)

What're your tricks to enjoying food & life and still feeling your healthiest and best?

And lastly, get the book, you'll love it! It's chock full of other ideas & good recipes!

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