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On being a parent of two, part two

Of course you will be well aware of the nap struggle: here, here & here

It makes late afternoons just SWELL and you should know that swell = drinking heavily. 

The other night I put dinner on the table and called everyone to the dining room. Oddly Junie didn't come, so I had to carry her in on her bouncy seat. Anyway, Truett walked up to his place and immediately reared back (this is becoming somewhat normal behavior and I have more empathy than ever for my mother),

"I don't YIKE DIS DINNER." He makes an incredibly funny disgusted face and begins to melt.

Standard answer, "That's ok! Just sit there, you don't have to eat anything. In fact, I'd rather you DIDN'T eat anything."

"No I dooooo."

A few minutes into dinner June began to fuss because she loves going to bed and is pretty ticked if it doesn't happen right around 7 pm. Sometimes her eyes begin to flutter shut at 6:30. True story.

I hustled her off for her bath and left Bud to deal with Truett's last bites + a possible treat. I must not have been explicit because before you know it, Bud was outside working in the yard, leaving True at the table. 


I rushed in with the bath running (June in my arms) only to find Truett sitting in a puddle of milk. Milk on the floor, table, his shorts, booster seat etc. I helped him hastily mop up what I could with one arm and let the dogs do the rest (I mean, really, do some people parent without dogs? How?)

By this time Bud was back in the house and took over the treat-giving while I got June into her bath. This is a sidenote, but have you ever noticed how everyone wants mama? Bud will be standing not two inches away from Truett & True will holler, MAMA CAN YOU COME WITH ME I NEED GO POOP?

Bud gives Truett a few jelly beans as his treat, so T comes waltzing into the bathroom munching on them. June's bath is one of those big plastic tubs that sits in the bath such that I kneel on the mat and lean over to wash her. In what has become another pattern, Truett takes this opportunity to hop on my back and yell, "GIDDYUP!" 

I explain to him that I cannot giddy anywhere while washing his sister so he leans over into my face and says, "open your mouth, I will give you some of my treat!" Obligingly, I open my mouth where he places a jelly bean. "Red's my favorite!" he says. It takes a second, but I quickly realize I'm chewing a pre-chewed bean.

You know how things hit you in moments? So there I am, washing my baby, my almost three year old sitting on my back yelling GIDDYUP, and eating a pre-chewed jelly bean. I like to call these Mother of Two moments.


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