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Let's pick a duvet together!

Yesterday my girlfriend Kathleen visited and brought us two big Mexican dinners. This having-a-baby thing can be preeetty sweet knowwhatI'msayin?

(She's the same one who suggested a nursing basket for T and so far, so good. He actually asks me to nurse now.)

Anyway, I put our dogs in our room because they are sort of like OH HAI YOU NO LIKE DOGS? LET ME LICK YOU A LOT! And OF COURSE, when I went in a couple of hours later who had neurotically chewed a circle into our new comforter? Oh yes. With feathers flying out and everything. 

Copper's brain: why'd you lock me in here? Why you no like me anymore? Why? Why? OH GOD WHY? I'm spiraling here folks. Somebody call my therapist. WHAT? You never hired me a therapist? JESUS. Chewchewnomnom on whatever is nearest usually the corner of a blanket.

STUPID DOG. (That I happen to love) (And also hate)

(What's that? A nursing basket for Copper? How many feelings am I looking out for here? GAH.)

(Now I'm spiraling.)

The good news is, we need a new duvet anyway since we probably shouldn't be eating breakfast on our down comforter sans cover although we do. We are also the James Dean family of eating breakfast on a non-covered new comforter.

Which means...shopping, ya'all!

If I had tons of disposable income, I'd buy this one first, just to see the look on Bud's face. He can be quite a serious fellow sometimes and I like to fun him now and again. 


Yep. Those are unicorns.

I dig this one and bonus! It would hide all of those breakfast lemon stains.


This one is pretty too.




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oh LAWD we've been on the hunt for a new one for some time too. i love the peacock one...would it be too weird if we got matching ones? im also totally into the ultra-simple with just some edging or like a lone tree branch off to one side. keep posting suggestions, bc im too lazy to find The One after 6 months of searching.

Read what Joanna did for her duvet: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/01/our-bedroom-makeover.html

I'll bet DC has seamstresses for hire. I checked our cl and of course lil ol Columbia does not, but I would love to use that idea if I knew someone who coud sew.

And no, if you love it, go for it! It might be what we end up w/ too! Sooo cute - matchy match sisters!

LOVE, no OBSESSED, with the yellow peacock one.

Go yellow peacock one. Love it. It would look great too if you do all white otherwise and the gray walls. Where are they all from?

dwellstudio.com. I just checked & it's on back order booo. This is all supposing we decide to spend $300 on a duvet. Dollah dollah bills.

i like the yellow one :)

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