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Updates on the renovation

Marling exterior paint

The most exciting thing that happened at the Marling renovation this week was the exterior paint. I don't have a picture including the front door(s) - they were painted yesterday - but I can show you one exterior wall (above) and the paint colors.

I decided to go with Soot by Benjamin Moore for the outside. I don't love the tiles that comprise the outside of the house, so I went with something dark and something that will look crisp and clean next to the white trim.

Marling front door paint

I went with my gut on the front door(s) and ended up doing San Jose Blue, also by Benjamin Moore. I asked my painter to use the blue and cut it with white to paint the porch ceiling, but it is still way too bright, so I'm going to cut a gallon of white with just a bit of the blue and roll it again myself. The doors though, look so great :) (And if you're interested, the history of light blue porch ceilings).

Marling bedroom paint

I'm also almost done with the interior paint - mostly a creamy white with bright white for trim.

Marling sink on road

Proudest moment, and I totally put my arms in the air and yelled when I dropped this thing on the curb. Good thing you weren't there or I probably would've embarrassed you (looking at you, Georgia).

Marling backsplash removal

Plus, a picture of tearing out the original backsplash.

Happy Friday 


Yay! Looks incredible and so fun! Wish someone would ask me to come visit to help. 😉

Read the last paragraph. Bonus to Haint Blue. https://www.dirtdoctor.com/garden/Blue-Paint-Repels-Bugs_vq1979.htm

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