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Friday tidbits


I'm so excited for this weekend! First up, Summer and family are stopping in and staying the night at our new house (mostly unpacked!) on their way home from a spring break trip to Florida. I'm hoping to make bacon-swiss quiche and head up to the park with dinner and a bottle of wine so the kids can wear themselves out after a long trip in the car. Truett is so excited. Tomorrow morning our neighborhood is having an egg-dyeing get-together followed by an Easter egg hunt. And Sunday I'm hoping the Easter bunny brings me mimosas :) (along with baskets for the kids). What are your weekend plans?

First up, um, hello homemade Thin Mints. WOW. 

Have you guys seen this tumblr? I've been laughing for days. I have this sort of embarassing habit of clapping my hands when something is sooo funny, so I showed a bunch to Bud while throwing my head back and clapping. I can't help myself. These are some of my favorites:

  1. Replace friends with sisters and there you have my high school experience.
  2. OR your best friend gets an A while you bring home a solid D, Zaina you betrayor. 
  3. Or When I Haven't Eaten.
  4. Don't front, you feel the same way.

A yummy iced coffee recipe.

The gorgeous almond blossoms I talked about last week. 

Isn't this dress adorable? And looks like it would be super flattering (thanks, Sarah S.!)

Scroll down and look at the little kiss-print frame. Such a cute idea for above a vanity! (PS - I'm toying with the idea of a designer-consult for our new house. Worth it?)

Couldn't resist, one more dress.

I'd love this vibe in our laundry room. 

And finally, a fun song for your weekend. 

image via chicagoist


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1. OR your life is now so much more fun and exciting than mine that it's (completely disproportionate) revenge for my A

2. OR I love reading your blog and cannot wait to see you

3. OR I wish I was a McClure sister!

Yes, when I'm changing a dirty diaper & thinking about your fabulous writer-life I'm like POOR ZAINA.

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