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New dining room table

Bud keeps walking into our dining room and hollering, WHO BOUGHT US THIS AWESOME TABLE? WE'D BETTER WRITE THEM A THANK YOU NOTE!

You will please ignore how un-done this room is, it's just that I am trying to get Summer to send me some baby stuff in the mail (Dear Summer: sleeps sacs!) but her collateral on me is for pictures of the dining room table. 

Dining table

A detail

Dining table detail

Also, am trying to build a home bar (see my soda cans in the back?) because my priorities are SO straight. Any thoughts on home bar essentials? 

PS: you guys are awesome for all of the colic-soothing suggestions from yesterday. Colicky baby? Set up a bar!


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Did you get that from Frontera? They have the coolest furniture!

a. i want some credit for helping pick that thing out
b. ask jillian - she has an awesome home bar (set up right behind her dining table too, now that i think of it) and it's got all the essentials...
c. will you be here in October?

love the table? where did you get it (if you don't mind me asking?)

We got it at Southeastern Salvage - a place that has been recommended to me several times. It is local to Birmingham I'm pretty sure but the concept is the whole overstock/leftovers for wholesale idea. I think. Here I am trying to talk furniture shop.

Georgia - I think so.

I think you've bought your family an heirloom piece. Truett's wife will be all over it (she's so obvious).

Okay I was about to comment on how freaking adorable Truett looked (and fatter!!!) but then I saw this picture, so I felt like I needed to wrap it all up in this post...THAT TABLE IS GORGEOUS!!! my heart raced looking at it!!! Do they have any pedestal ones there??? You should lay Truett on the table, and then you will have achieved nirvana. Was that dramatic? =)

not so much dramatic as cringeworthy...yikes

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