Friday tidbits - and an explanation for my absence

GDI - 5.22.15

(Truett, field day)

Sunday evening Bud gallantly tried to install a printer to my laptop. My computer ended up in endless loops of not able to install, unable to go backwards. Honestly.

So yesterday I finally took it into a computer repair shop where they determined I needed a new hard drive. The computer is fixed now, but we're working through the frustration of starting from scratch.

Here are some great Friday links & I should be back up and running as usual next week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Scientists discover first-ever warm blooded fish. My mom sends these articles to Truett, who dreams of one day being a scientist.

Funny commercialThis is back up lamby.

A man's day v. a woman's day. Yep.

Pictures of Appalachia.

Why you should be kind to yourself & why it's not a self-centered act. 

#hometovote (!!!) Go Ireland!

You can still get in on this unbelievable sale from Emerson Fry. I bought this caftan yesterday. So stoked (& channeling my stylish grandmother)!

If I had a dog, via Cup of Jo (What are you even saying, HAAAAA).

I know the kid's room makeover is taking me forever, but! good news for those of you hanging off your seats. I just bought them this duvet from West Elm. Then, curtains & side tables and I'm done!

Domino: The Book of Decorating. Yum.

These Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers look amazing - perfect for a picnic Memorial Day celebration.

And what veterans really think of Memorial Day. Oof, powerful. 

Lastly, 40 reasons to love London.

xoxo have a peaceful weekend.

Friday tidbits

GDI - Friday flowers

What are you up to this weekend? Truett's last soccer game is tomorrow morning and, tonight, I'll be having cocktails + a book discussion at a nearby restaurant (it has a huge outdoor patio :).

We read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It is super readable, but I found it a little dark at times. (I am on a lifelong quest to find smart books that are nonetheless uplifting.)

In any event, have a happy one, and see you back here next week.

14 Classic French desserts. I made the dacquoise for French class this week. Complicated, but not difficult. 

Oh my gosh, someone please give me a fox.

Duuuuur. Here's what I think: instead of asking mothers to jump into a system that doesn't work for them, change the system. Another sweet example here. Love.

Win-win. A butterfly comeback in vineyards

Originally on CupofJo, these Italian sandals by M. Gemi, look beautiful, well-crafted and are (relatively) affordable (my favorites).

Things not to forget to do before leaving on vacation (yay! vacation!).

Are you watching the Real Housewives of New York, this season? So terribly delicious.

Speaking of travel & NYC, New York City's most affordable hotels. Who's down?!

How to make your own shower mat with moss. Sounds lovely.

We're hosting the end-of-the-year barbecue, here is a simple list of what to serve.

Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

The magic of a striped shirt

GDI - People Kate Middleton

Inspired by this super cute picture of Kate Middleton & baby George, I've been hunting for a go-to striped shirt. 

Here are a few of my favorites, below, if you'd like to search with me :)

GDI - LLBean stripes

This French Sailor's Shirt from LLBean looks super comfortable & surprisingly chic. It's $35 which, though not a steal, isn't a bad price.

GDI - H&M striped shirt

I love this slouchy men's shirt from H&M and it is a steal, $10.

GDI - Old Navy shift dress striped

Old Navy has a simple and breezy (linen blend) striped shift dress. I could wear this one all summer.

GDI - Anthro striped top

This Mabel Knit top from Anthropologie has some pretty detailing at the shoulders, and looks like it hits the slouchy/fitted intersection nicely.

GDI - James Dean TWDM

Lastly, look at this super cool picture of James Dean in a striped shirt (image via thewelldressedman). 

Which would you choose? Do you have a favorite summer outfit?

And, a springy nail polish color.

Mother's Day

GDI - nails MD

For Mother's Day I got up early & went to yoga. Afterwards, we had brunch outside at The Gourmet Shop (where I ordered Earl Grey tea, something I hadn't had in forever).

Afterwards, June & I went to get our nails done - mine a pedicure, hers a nail polish :)

It was fun and she loved it (plus there is just something about having pretty toes in warm weather). She loved to press the buttons in the massage chair, dip her toes in the warm water, and chat with the salon attendant about why she chose to wear her tap shoes. 

It was hilarious and sweet. How was your Mother's Day? Did you do anything special?

PS - 3 Ways to Be a Socially Conscious Nail Salon Customer

Friday tidbits

GDI - Fri baby birds

Are those not the sweetest baby birds you've ever seen? They're ours. We have a little camellia tree out back & every year they love to nest there. 

What are you doing this weekend? I just had the most fascinating coffee meeting with two people who live here in Columbia. One is a local historian & the other used to live in our house. She was born here & spent her first few years living in our front room with her mother (it was her grandparent's house, her dad was overseas in WWII). Anyway, she brought over several photo books that show our house from the yard & even some of the interior. It was surreal.

I'm hoping later today to go pick strawberries and then this weekend to relax & enjoy Mother's Day

Let's do some fun links & see you back here next week.

A before & after Park Slope kitchen. Do you see how new, taller cabinets make the kitchen look huge?

Wool rug, West Elm.

How to make a succulent sphere. This could be a pretty teacher gift. 

A little cabin in the woods. Dreamy. I'd love to go there on weekends :)

Wouldn't you love a walking cape?

Travel daydream - what to wear in Portugal.

Oh my gosh. This website is hilarious (and interesting), royal baby: Everything we know. Ha.

A beautiful 70th birthday cake.

How to plant a pollinator garden (also would make a pretty kitchen print-out).

Dealing with stress (I love the buying flowers idea).

Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Crafting the perfect Mother's Day

GDI - Manger, brunch photo

Do you have big Mother's Day plans? This is my heart's desire, also breakfast in bed, but I could see it being the usual mash-up of squeals & coffee & cartoons as more likely.

Here's what I would prepare if I were throwing someone a Mother's Day Brunch.

GDI - pumpkin donuts

Pumpkin donuts. You could even go with a simpler version and cut them into beignet shapes. 

GDI - kettle Bread & Olives

Strong coffee. We've been using this French roast from Trader Joe's recently, and I really like it.

GDI - strawberry picking

Fresh fruit. Bonus if you can pick it yourself, here is our local farm for amazing strawberry picking. 

GDI - banana avocado smoothie

Banana avocado smoothie. An all natural pick-me-up loaded with vitamins & healthy fats.

GDI - eggs

Egg cups. They are simple & you can add just about anything you'd like (I love a vegetable + sharp cheese combination).

Also: foot rubs, snuggles & homemade cards (bonus if they're accompanied by weedy flower bouquets).

I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Tidbits. xo

PS - serve the coffee in this mug :)

(top photo credit goes to Manger by Mimi Thorisson, the gorgeous & inspiring food blog about life in a Medoc, France) (the linen apron idea is from Cup of Jo's Mother's Day gift guide) (kettle photo from Bread & Olives) (avocado smoothie image from Martha Stewart).

Have you been watching these videos?

Have you been watching these hilarious videos Sean Hayes is doing with his husband Scott Icenogle? So far the first one is my favorite, but they are all funny. I have watched the Iggy Azalea one about a hundred times. xoxo (you can follow him here on Facebook).

Friday tidbits

GDI - 5.1.15

What are you doing this weekend? We're hoping to mostly chill - of course there's soccer - and maybe have casual backyard dinners with our friends :)

Thanks for all of the support in the face of Bud's dad's death. It's been a tough couple of weeks, & we appreciate all of our family and friends that much more.

Let's do some weekend reading links & see you back here Monday.

DIY robot costumes. Truett = mind blown.

Classic egg cup. Pretty & timeless (the one above is from this kitchen shop).

Scroll down to the panels in the children's room. Amazing, right?

And, seriously, dude, this bathroom.

Read the translation. Oof, my heart.

What I'd like for Mother's Day. (via Cup of Jo)

22 signs of a highly sensitive person. Do you relate?

This commercial is amazing.

The anthropology behind babies & sleep.

A fox village in Japan.

I hope you have a happy weekend.

The kid's room - progress

GDI - kids room print

Yesterday my friend Mandy & I spent a looong day at Ikea (not helping matters: driving for an hour in the wrong direction on the way home). 

GDI - TARVA bed Ikea

In the end I found a bed for the kiddos (with accompanying mattress, sheets etc) & a bunch of household items.

Today I stopped into a local consignment shop & found the above print - Dock St, Charleston - for $10!

GDI - side table lamp Ikea BAROMETER

And am loving this work lamp I got for the kid's room also (once we have side tables :)

Bed here & lamp here, both from Ikea.

A few pictures from Texas

GDI - tree TX

This weekend I flew to Texas for a quick turn-around trip to attend Bud's dad's funeral. It was a sad, moving service & I'm so grateful I was able to go. 

I took a few pictures while I was there - Bud's mom lives on a ranch & I love visiting with the donkeys (see the babies?) - and then one of the happy faces I came home to.

GDI - donkeys TX

Big thanks to everyone for the love, and a huge thanks to Summer for keeping my rascals.

I'm hoping to post more as the week goes on, but right now I'm in major catch-up mode.

GDI - Truett dragon face


GDI - window seat


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