Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 8.29.14

How is your weekend shaping up?

I'm having wine and lemon cake tonight with a couple of my favorite people :) and then getting our little french classroom ready tomorrow (chairs & table above, freshly painted!).

(Sidenote, a fluent speaking friend of mine has agreed to help me teach after-school french lessons on Monday afternoons. We have about 3 spots left to round out a small class. Email me if you'd like an information & enrollment package).

Ok, let's do some links and have a fantastic weekend! See you back here Monday.

13 surprising things about parenting in Turkey. I loved this one so much.

Good news & good news.

Mary Poppins watercolor. Would be perfect for a nursery.

An affordable wine club that delivers a new wine to your doorstep every month.

Sweet note I found on an evening walk in our neighborhood.

Last minute Labor Day getaways.

A backyard picnic. (Tip: I bought a large piece of linen this summer that works perfectly for a picnic, beach blanket or tablecloth. I would highly recommend just choosing your favorite fabric & buying a large swath.)

I like this little girl.

Wow. MSG isn't actually bad for you.

15 Bohemian kitchens. OH MY GAH I love them so much.

Lemon rosemary coffee cake. I'm thinking picnic brunch, fall, late morning. Mm, yes please.

That's it! See you foxes next week!

Eating on the Wild Side, by Jo Robinson

Grape Did It - Eating On The Wild Side

Eating on the Wild Side, by Jo Robinson.

Have you heard of Eating on the Wild Side? In it Jo Robinson explains why, after ten thousand years of food cultivation, we've created far less nutritional food than our hunter gatherer ancestors ate.

For instance, "One species of wild tomato, for example, has fifteen times more lycopene than the typical supermarket tomato."

We've lost something called phytonutrients in the bargain, "Plants can't fight their enemies or hide from them, so they protect themselves by producing an arsenal of chemical compounds that protect them from insects, disease, damaging ultraviolet light, inclement weather, and browsing animals."

Essentially, when we eat phytonutrients, we are absorbing the plant's protection as well. "When we consume plants that contain high amounts of bioavailable antioxidants, we get added protection against noxious particles called free radicals that can inflame our artery lining, turn normal cells cancerous, damage our eyesight, increase our risk of becoming obese and diabetic, and intensify the visible signs of aging."

Another interesting misconception, she says, is that heirloom varieties are inherently better. Not true. Most heirlooms are cultivated and may accidentally have very few phytonutrients. 

I'm not there yet, but she goes on to guide us through a modern supermarket (for instance The Liberty apple, a 25 year old variety, has twice the antioxidant value of The Golden Delicious, a 100 year old variety).

Have you read it? I'm curious to see what supermarket foods are the highest in phytonutrients (think: wild blueberries, not modern bananas).

PS - one of my favorite cookbooks & another one here. Also, do you have a great recipe for eggplant? I got a big, purple one from the market the other day but it's sitting in my fridge because I'm totally intimidated by it.

Really good advice on leaving your child at school

Grape Did It - besties

Last Monday, on Truett's first day of kindergarten, I thought I had it all together. I had a sad lump in my chest, but I was surprisingly okay. I left him at school and kept waiting for the water works that didn't come.

Then, after lunch, I put June down for a nap and the house just felt so quiet. I felt like I'd lost my friend who always came over for a cup of tea in the afternoons.

I called my mom and then the water works started. She agreed that it is hard to watch your child go to school & then she said it was especially difficult when my brother (the oldest) began college. I asked her if it got easier with your younger children & why, and this is what she said, 

"Well, the first child teaches you that they don't really leave."

Ahhh. It's still sad, I still think about homeschooling, but I no longer look at it like THE END, but more a big transition.

Of course, there is always this picture to get the tears going again.

Grape Did It - Truett newborn introducing

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 8.22.14

Happy Friday! We're gearing up for Elizapalooza (flier below) which begins at 10 am tomorrow at Saluda Shoals.  

The yard sale alone is chock full of cool stuff - Bud is driving the truck there right now - and the festival has bands, beer & TONS of stuff for kids & grownups alike. Seriously, this isn't just because I'm involved, it looks to be a super good time.

Okay, let's do a few links & see you back here Monday.

Truett needs this shirt.

I thought this ALS ice water challenge was especially cute.

Georgia & her family will be traveling to Ireland & staying here this fall. SO JEALOUS.

Bourbon root beer float in Garden & Gun. Also, this stunning modern farmhouse.

Beautiful handmade (here in Columbia!) purses, wallets & clutches.

I am now dying to go to Statesville, North Carolina for this fried chicken alone.

Roasted lemon chutney. I made some yesterday with jalapeno. Yum.

Cute DIY backpacks for fall. 

What to do with a latte bowl.

That's it & hope to see you tomorrow!

Elizapalooza flier


A pretty one minute craft


In an effort to dress up my desk, I was looking around yesterday for colorful additions to my (actual) desktop. 

I coveted something gold (if you scroll over in the pictures from the link above, you'll see the gold pencil holder I loved). 

The it occurred to me, I had gold spray paint jars! I mean, seriously, is there anything a glass jar can't do (blueberry jam, how to make butter in a jar, jelly bean jars & peppermint sugar scrub)?

Voila! I spray painted a jam jar metallic gold and filled it with pens & pencils. Now for a bright piece of art to prop on the windows behind my desk. 

Truett's 1st day of kindergarten

Grape Did It - Truett 1st day kindergarten

Feeling alternately sad and then kind of okay and then sad again. Plus, I just miss him. I love summer break. Anyway. Watching kids grow up is hard, but True seemed great when I dropped him this morning. His teacher this year is a good friend of ours wihich I believe made everything infinitely easier & more natural. Plus, he's got a great friend from last year in his class. 

Whew, this parenting thing is tough. Sweet little June asked me this morning, "you crying mama? You sad, mama?" 

Grape Did It - Truett & June T's 1st day of kindergarten

And last year.

Grape Did It - Truett 1st day preschool

June, around the same time.

Grape Did It - June toddler

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 8.15.14

Today we're headed to this water park again. I promised Truett one last summertime hurrah (not that it won't be hot here for a while yet). Then this weekend we'll be doing the usual: cooking, splashing in water outside & hanging out with friends :) What're you up to? Do your kids start school soon? Monday is Truett's big day!! We went to his open house last night &, I have to say, I'm a little jealous when I look at the science and art rooms. Why can't I go back to school?

Let's do some links & see you back here Monday.

Have you done the ALS ice water challenge? I plan to do a #sing2lines for #savingeliza next week. Ya'll, I'm going to SING.  

How to dress up your desk. I definitely think my desk could use a cheerful makeover.

Eliminating snakes in your backyard. Hint: don't. Bud taught me all about how great snakes are.

When June turns 3, hoping to do this for the kid's room.

How to make a table in minutes with the Floyd leg. SUCH a cool idea (if a bit pricey).

I love this sweater + it would work perfectly with this post on how to dress like a French girl this fall

Recipes for Chicken Larb & Toum. Dying to try both.

And a riveting account of my friend Miriam's visit with gorillas, in Rwanda.

That's it - have a great weekend!

PS - this week on GDI: pictures from our trip to Isle of Palms & preserved lemons, chicken tagine.

Preserved lemons & chicken tagine

Grape Did It - preserved lemons

Have you ever made preserved lemons? The recipe is surprisingly easy, so I'm making them this afternoon. Plus, they look so pretty in a jar.

I'll let you know how it goes (in 30 days!)

And then I cannot wait to make a proper chicken tagine

What're you cooking these days?

PS - let me know if comments still aren't working, I've been working with Typepad to fix the glitch(es). xoxo

And, a few of my favorite summertime recipes: coconut banana ice cream & white cheddar & asiago pimento cheese sandwich.

Pictures from our beach trip

Grape Did It - beach marina

Friday we left for a long weeked at the beach (Isle of Palms) with our friends. It was wonderful and, since Bud was able to take Monday off, we were able to really soak up the sun and water (our last week before Truett begins kindergarten - eek!).

I've got some pictures I snapped below, if you're curious. 

Grape Did It - beach morning two

A beachy sunrise. I took my coffee out to the porch in the mornings and it was lovely. Lovely even remembering it now.

Grape Did It - beach June & mama

Grape Did It -beach flowers

Grape Did It - bird tracks

Little birdy tracks.

Grape Did It - beach toes

Grape Did It - beach morning

Another lovely sunrise.

Grape Did It - tidal pool

The tidal pools were perfect for the little ones.

Photo 4-5

It flooded one day in front of the house. The kids loved it.

And, finally, Truett and Bud brave the waves.

Grape Did It - B & T waves 1

Grape Did It - B & T waves 2

Grape Did It - B&T waves 3

Grape Did It - B&T waves 4

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 8.8.14

Good Friday morning! I'm so stoked because today we're leaving for the beach! Bud took Monday off so we're hoping to be able to just relax and soak up the sun & water :) Next week I'll have some beachy pictures. 

What're you up to?

Let's do some links and see you back here Monday.

Shipwreck found under World Trade Center.

This just zoomed to the top of my covet list.

Julia Child's 100 favorite recipe. I'd love to try so many of these.

Zucchini fritters with feta. Yum.

Pop up stores at Anthropologie! (+ we're getting an Anthro nearby!)

Grown up sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History.

Turkish towels. Talyatowels had a display at the yoga studio last weekend and the towels & blankets are soft & beautiful.

This cute flare dress is on mega-sale at JCrew right now.

Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies. Well played.

Fun & gorgeous french linens for the kitchen (I have a few hand-me-downs from my grandomother's kitchen).

New southern restaurants to try

Ooh la la. Check out these cheeky letters Warren G. Harding wrote to his mistress. Scandalous!

Why I'll never read another parenting book. YES YES YES.

Artwork by Charley Harper. My friend gave Truett a beautiful set of Charley Harper matching cards & I'd love to have a larger print for the kid's wall.

That's it - have a wonderful weekend!

PS - on Grape Did It this week: On being touched, Truett's 5th birthday party & a pretty DIY sewing kit.


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