Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 7.25.14

Today is an exciting day - we're having Truett's 5th birthday party early tonight. We're going to do hamburgers, hotdogs, water play & superhero fun. I'm making TWO ice cream cakes so I'll do some fun links and scoot out of here (what are your plans?).

Here they are & see you next week!

8 tips for entertaining

Super cool selfies.

Teepee camping in Georgia. Zoomed to the top of my travel list (and Truett is understandably stoked).

The Saving Eliza food truck rodeo from last weekend made the news! (And you can always donate here).

I miss the village. So poignant, so true. 

How to simplify bathtime.

Speaking of teepee camping, this is expensive, but beautiful.

HAHAHA. Pretty much sums it up.

xoxox, have a great weekend!

A wild cousin week

Grape Did It - kids sprinkler

Sunday Summer and her crew, (Ella, Cutchin, Molly & Porter), came to town and we've been having a ball ever since. Our house isn't very big, so we're bumping into each other a lot, but Summer and I seem to have a good rhythm with what feels like one hundred children running around.

The boys are in zoo camp all morning (Truett told me today they saw a skink?) & Ella is taking equestrian camp. Yesterday afternoon, for a break from the sweltering weather, we took the kids up to the park where there is a sprinkler. 

Here are some pictures from the trip so far.

Grape Did It - Ella splash pad

Grape Did It - splash pad T & C

Grape Did It - June splash pad

Grape Did It - Molly splash pad

Plus, Porter <3's Sadie, & June was enamored by this pretty bug.

Grape Did It - Porter Sadie

Grape Did It - June bug

PS - tonight Georgia, Peter & Aurelia get here and I'm planning to make this dinner party staple with plenty of red wine. I can't WAIT to see Aurelia who's grown SO much since I saw her at Christmas time :)

A tip on deodorant

Grape Did It - Trader Joe's deodorant

About a year ago I was chatting with two of my friends about...something, and the subject of deodorant came up. I was floored when they both informed me they didn't wear any. 

"But what do you do?" I asked. They shrugged & suggested that when needed they sometimes dabbed essential oils under their arms. 

That, combined with the thought that has often nagged at the back of my brain (aren't I supposed to sweat?), led me to toss my own deodorant in the trash. All was well, especially since it was cool outside & I don't sweat profusely anyway.

Then came summertime in Columbia, South Carolina. I developed a heat rash and couldn't even shave for several weeks. Sooo, back to the drawing board.

Which is when I found this Trader Joe's deodorant stick one day while grocery shopping. It's unscented, not an antiperspirant and it's aluminum free (I won't get into the does-or-doesn't-aluminum-cause-harm argument here, but if it doesn't contain it, no need to worry).

Plus, it's cheap :) It also contains cotton fibers to help absorb sweat. Happy natural products that actually work! xo

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 7.18.14

What are you up to this weekend? We're going to this water park today and then I'm gearing up for both of my sisters in town next week! We are beyond excited.

Also - if you're in Columbia, we'll be having a food truck rodeo this Saturday 1-6, to benefit the Saving Eliza campaign. It should be a yummy blast, with food trucks from barbeque, to German brats and Korean food, then plenty of sweets for afterwards :) (I'll post the flyer below for details - hope to see you there!)

Let's do some links & see you back here next week.

Talk to each other. I love this article. Also, weird side note, but I look forward to people touching my belly when I'm pregnant!

Knitting nests for baby birds. What a marvelous story (and makes me want to take up knitting.)

Farm to table dinners here in Columbia! I'd love one for my birthday (hint, hint Bud).

The story behind Cotton + Steel, a quilt making company. For those of you with sisters, especially.

Why sunscreen may not be the best thing.

Why & how co-sleeping is safe.

The 50 cities to visit in your lifetime. It's just as fun to daydream, I think :)

We're really into dinosaurs in this house & so Truett was thrilled when my mother found this article about the largest flying bird, ever

Fifteen up-and-coming southern design trendsetters.

Cute video about redheads. Truett loved this, of course.

I loved this interview with David Sedaris. He seems so down-to-earth.

A new craft beer store in Columbia! I can't wait to have a girls night out there.

8 simple ideas for entertaining. Think: outdoor party with twinkling lights and cold wine. 

And, from Grape Did It this week: our Come Home Colbert campaign hits its stride, a style post full of shameless selfies & a gorgeous tiny house on an historic property. 

(The rodeo flyer, below. Hope to see you there - I'll be running around in a purple tshirt, come say hi!)

Food Truck Rodeo jpg

A beautiful tiny house tour

Grape Did it -Millbank outside

Last week, when my parent's were in town, my sweet friend Liz took us to her aunt Delma's (cool name, right?) beautiful home in Camden, SC. The estate itself is called Millbank, and you have to cross a wooden bridge to get there. Originally built in 1810, some of the other parts of the property were added in 1817. 

Delma owns all of the outbuildings, including the stables, a goat barn, the old outdoor kitchen (which is now a cottage) and the former colt barn - pictured above (where she actually lives!)

Her property runs right down to the Wateree River. To say it's idealic is an understatement. 

She graciously allowed me to take pictures - actually, it was so pretty I just started snapping - and I've done a little house tour, below (I think her house is probably around 8-900 square feet).

Grape Did It - Millbank 1

Grape Did It - Millbank 2

Grape Did It - Millbank 3

Grape Did It - Millbank 6

Grape Did It - Millbank 8

Grape Did It - Millbank 10

Grape Did It - Millbank 11

Grape Did It - Millbank 13

Grape Did It - Millbank 14

Grape Did It - Millbank 15

Grape Did It - Millbank 16

Grape Did It - Millbank 17

Grape Did It - Millbank bottles

Grape Did It - Millbank goat barn

Grape Did It - Millbank Junie

Grape Did It - Millbank Juniper & June

Grape Did It - Millbank kids marbles

Grape Did It - Millbank outdoor chandelier

Grape Did It - Millbank stables 2

Grape Did It - Millbank wood pile

Grape Did It - Millbanks tableau


Grape Did it -Milbank 9

Grape Did It -Millbank 5

Grape Did It -Millbank 7

Grape Did It -Millbank 12

Grape Did it -Millbank outside

Swoony, isn't it? Thank you Delma & Liz!!

Target style

Grape Did It - striped Target dress

The other day I went to Target looking for some inexpensive summertime staples. I felt stuck in a rut of 3 tshirts and a few summery dresses - that I love - but have worn a million times. 

I came away with a skirt - not a pattern I'd usually gravitate towards but I was trying to get out of a rut so I grabbed it - a striped dress that I think I could marry & three long & lean tank tops that seem to fit with everything. Here are some selfies below, if you'd like to see.

  Grape Did It - skinny tank

Grape Did It - Target skirt

Grape Did It - striped dress Target 2

Interlopers to my style shoot :)

Grape Did It - skinny tank interlopers

PS - I've got so much to share & so little time to share it! Planning on a surprise post, a book recommendation & a house tour of the prettiest little house you'll ever see! Stay tuned.

Come Home Colbert for Saving Eliza

Check out this amazing video a friend of mine on the Eliza's Army committee put together. We're trying to bring Stephen Colbert to South Carolina to do a benefit auction + comedy show. This video is both heartbreaking & uplifting all at the same time. Way to GO ALYSSA!! (And please share if you'd like to help!)


DIY bug spray

Grape Did It - bug spray put together

Bud rolls his eyes at some of my hippie ways and is sure there is nothing wrong with deet filled bugspray. I did not help my cause by confusing DDT & deet during one of my nature-y arguments but, here's a simple & nice smelling DIY bug spray anyway.

I mixed:

Witch hazel (right next to the rubbing alcohol in the drugstore)

Lavender oil

Bug repellent oil from DoTerra (the same one we used for the candle making + that post links to a DoTerra website)

Peppermint oil

I bought small spray bottles from WalMart and topped each mixture off with additional witch hazel (you only need a few drops of each oil).

Other oils that repel bugs and can be added (in addition or instead): lemon, geranium, citronella and eucalyptus. 

Does it work? Yes & no. I don't think it's as effective as your run-of-the-mill bugspray but it is much better than no bug spray at all, and it smells nice to boot! What do you use for your family?

Grape Did It - bug spray window ledge

Kitchen renovation reveal

Grape Did It -kitchen reno countertop

I am so excited, nay, thrilled, to be showing you these pictures. Bud put up three shelves this weekend - two in the butler's pantry, one in the kitchen, and I looove the outcome. Since we had to buy butcher block in island size blocks, we had plenty leftover for the shelves (+ a bunch of extra cutting boards!)

These pictures are probably excessive, but if you love looking at other people's redesigns as much as I do, you'll understand :) Tomorrow I'll do a breakdown with links & prices in case you're researching a kitchen renovation yourself.

Here's what the kitchen looked like before.

Grape Did It - kitchen before

And here's what it looks like now.

Grape Did It - kitchen stove view

Grape Did It - kitchen reno corner view

Grape Did It - kitchen reno countetops micro


Grape Did It - kitchen reno sink view

The old butler's pantry.

Grape Did It - butler's pantry

The new butler's pantry.

Grape Did It - cocktail room shelves 5

Grape Did It - cocktail room shelves 2

Grape Did It - cocktail room shelves

Grape Did It - kitchen reno cabinets

Grape Did It - kitchen reno cocktail room

And some other pictures.

Grape Did It - kitchen reno drawer pulls

Grape Did It - kitchen True

Grape Did It - kitchen reno countertops 2

Grape Did It - kitchen reno plant shelf

Have you ever done a major renovation? It was as stressful as people say it will be - and ours was only one room! Having people in your house, making constant small decisions, rolling with the punches (our contractor broke our original cocktail room sink, but then I decided I prefered the counter top without a sink in it after all :).

And here are the first two kitchen renovation posts: part 1 & part 2. And, if your're curious, our original house tour & some kitchen inspiration

Happy Fourth of July

Grape Did It - camping lake

Happy fourth of July! We're gearing up for a parade and then dinner & ice cream at the park. Bud & the kids picked up some fireworks for tonight, so we'll do that later too :) 

Have a great weekend & hope you get some relaxing in there.

Here are some fun links & see you next week! (Bud's working on the shelves for the kitchen - so fingers crossed!)

French linen tablecloth just zoomed to the top of my covet list.

I can't wait to try and make pita bread.

Good advice on how to save money.

25 cute animal parent pictures. The baby fox is my favorite.

Cuba's DIY inventions from 30 years of solitude.

Childhood obsessions made me laugh. And think of one of my sisters.

I try to stay away from parenting advice as a rule (after it nearly drove me crazy when True was a baby), but this book about Simplicity Parenting sounds good.

A cute 4th of July tshirt (an easy DIY project you could do a couple of weeks early).

My girlfriend Sarah was carrying one of these sailcloth totes the other day I loved it.

Have a great one!


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