Colonial Williamsburg - pictures from our trip so far

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg tree house

We got here Saturday evening to tons of screaming cousins (I'd like to wear a big sign around my neck while walking through the resort that reads YOU'RE WELCOME). 

The first full day here I hit up the JCrew Factory store and found a bunch of clothes that make me feel happy & summery :) then we chilled by the pool where there's a bar & you can charge drinks to your room. WIN.

Yesterday we did Colonial Williamsburg to the predictable grumbling of the older kids, Truett's favorite refrain was, can we go back to the hotellll? But we otherwise had a fantastic time. The kids got to try their hand (feet) at making bricks - colonial style - and loved watching the big horse drawn carriages clip clop by. The candle maker was a hit, & the huge loom for making bolts of cloth was mesmerizing. It makes me wish I had a real craft :)

Here are a bunch of pictures I took - and instagrammed - if you're curious. 

I keep trying to show up on #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

GDI - Colonial Wiliamsburg Ihavethisthingwithfloors

My swishy new summer clothes.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg clothes JCrew

My brother brought us all a bunch of Cokes from Mexico because, duh, everyone knows those are better.

GDI - Cokes from Mexico

Brick makers. The real ones - colonial - were slaves, children & convicts. Not paid. 14 - 15 hours a day. 

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg brick makers

My kids stomping in the brick clay.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg mud stomping

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg mud bricks kids

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg garden

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg gate ball chain

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg laundry

For my mother in law, who's maiden name is Pitt.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg Pitt

June told me yesterday that she, "loves this little British town," 

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg shoes

These two are so close.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg trolly bus

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg girls stickers

Hope you're having a great week & be back soon! xo

Friday tidbits

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow we leave for Williamsburg, Virginia, to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday! I'm really looking forward to eating cake from the Blackbird Bakery, showing the kids Colonial Jamestown, & maybe even doing a ghost tour! Also tea! They have tea at the Terrace, Williamsburg, Inn.

Ok, let's do some links & we'll be off!

If you're looking for something cool to do here in Columbia, Roy Lynch park in Elmwood just had a major overhaul & is supposed to be awesome. Game board splash pad, boulders for climbing & a 60 foot zip line. Go Columbia!

Forest schools because DUH!

Go to the Limits of Your Longing, by Rainer Maria Rilke. Someone recently posted this on Facebook & I found it so moving. 

On raising a wild one. I loved this perspective & have to remind myself of this as I constantly try to hem Truett in.

Wow, my links seem parent-heavy today, but The Parenting Magic Word was a wonderfully helpful article to read. Also, not reading articles is wonderful.

I love the idea of sliding doors in small space in this very pretty apartment tour.

Georgia's father-in-law (how's that for a title?) gave me a bit of mint last year. It has exploded in one of my little garden beds. Here are 10 Recipes That Use Fresh Mint so I can actually begin to cull it a little.

Check out this amazing vertical farm in NYC.

Which 90's leading lady are you? I got Kat Stratford. I feel oddly good about this, and Ten Things I Hate About You was easily one of my favorite 90's movies. I'm having major 90's nostalgia. Oh my God, rabbit hole.

I'm off! Have a great weekend, see you next week with travel photos :)

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Hipster Design Trends

GDI - domino - fiddle leaf fig

This post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek because, hello, I love these trends, too. For instance, I've coveted a fiddle leaf fig for forever. By the way, extra points if your fiddle leaf is in a basket. 

In the meantime, I wanted to do a post on the most ubiquitous design trends right now. I realized this when I saw the same living room over & over again, only, they were in different houses.

GDI - tribal patterns - one kings lane

Tribals prints & patterns.

GDI - dramatic oversized print

An oversized print, usually of something dramatic & simple. Oh dear, I love this painting.

GDI - sheep skin rug

A sheep skin rug. Often placed on a cool, vintage chair.

GDI - pointy legged chairs

Pointed legged chairs. Usually from the sixty of seventies, or at least made to look that way.

GDI - brass armed lamp

A skinny-armed, gold or brass desk lamp.

GDI - wallpaper & teepee

Pretty wallpaper, bonus points if your kid's room has a teepee.

So that's it. What design trends have you spotted everywhere? The shaggy rug in the picture above is also super popular. 

(Image credits onekingslane, bungalow classic, houseofhipsters, greyandscout, domino (for two), & coxandcox)

Friday tidbits

GDI - swimming in France

Good Friday morning! What will you do this weekend? We'll be resting up after a SUPER FUN week of camp & June wants to do a lemonade stand. I'm also looking at this & this at Old Navy. 

Once again, I've failed you on the style post. You can blame my sister Georgia. Promises, promises.

Anyway - here are some great links, and see you back here Monday :) xo

A simple, delicious looking pasta recipe. Garden party?

Scroll down a bit to this beautiful info graphic (cool kitchen art?) on edible flowers. 

Have you seen The Meddler? It looks so good. 

Apartment Therapy is hiring.

The folly in logic-only. I LOVE this article. I repeat, I LOVE this article. I think our intuition is our strongest tool, by far. 

Beautiful sofa from Anthro.

Look at Billy Joel's eyes & lips in this photograph.

Berry Freedom Floats would be an awesome drink to make for a 4th of July party.

In my forever growing travel dreams, 20 unexpected places to visit in France.

I'll leave you with this moving & intelligent speech by Jimmy Fallon regarding the Orlando massacre.


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A trip to the woods

GDI - kids in the woods

Georgia's working on a style post (!) so in the meantime I thought I'd share our trip to the woods from last week.

When I was growing up we lived in a house with a creek running through the backyard. It wasn't exactly woodsy - we were solidly in what you'd call suburbia - but there was a generous strip of woods & water, and we lived in that creek. Up a few houses (no one seemed to care about trespassing :) was a deeper portion of the creek that we dubbed The Brook. A romantic name that sounded like something you'd read about in a novel.

Fast forward thirty years and I can't figure out the cultural shift of children not just...playing in the neighborhood. Granted we live in a more urban area now, but we weren't exactly in the country then. Anyway - my kvetching aside - my girlfriend Liz & I took the kids to her in-laws property about twenty minutes away. They live on acres of gorgeous land, complete with a creek that runs along the bottom of the wood.

The kids magically transformed - especially my wild-guy Truett - into splishy, splashy, muddy kids!

I delighted in the sight. Here are a few pictures if you'd like to see. 

GDI - creek bottom SC

The kids had never seen a crawfish!! Here they "pet" it ;) I can only imagine how much the crawfish enjoyed his pampering.

GDI - kids pet crawfish

GDI - crawfish

GDI - Nolan June splash

GDI - woods adventure

 Ahh, it makes me crave a little woodsy house. Have a great Wednesday xo.

First day of camp

Camp butter beer lined up

And, yo, it's been SO fun and SO busy. 

So here's a picture of our recipe for the day - Butterbeer - complete with lots of whipped cream on top.

Recipe here, omit the whiskey if serving to kiddos :)

Friday tidbits

GDI - fungi

Good Friday morning to you! Today we're off on a woodsy adventure to collect things like magic wands (for camp next week!) & then Truett & June have a birthday at the new Firefly stadium tomorrow! Other than that, we might have to whip up some frozen cocktails to sip in this sweltering heat (or perhaps the lighter version - a wine spritzer).

Have a great weekend & see you back here next week - this time I PROMISE that style post :) Let's do some links.

Feast your eyes on this West Village apartment that has me day dreaming about Parisienne flea markets.

Productivity is about what you DON'T do. I've begun taking a minute or two before I respond to a text message. Does that work? Do I want to do that, or am I just tempted to say yes? I'm a yes girl - I love any and all adventures, but editing can also be so important. It also helps me to be on the computer only once in the morning and, sometimes, once in the evening.

Playdough bubble bath because DUH.

My anxiety is, unfortunately, on the upswing. I'm hoping a day in the woods will help :)

A very sweet, short CGI film

Let's be honest, style is whatever you want it to be, but #4 resonated with me (especially as someone who's weight ping-pongs).

Wednesday night my friend Katherine & I threw together a little garden party for one of my besties, Liz. Her birthday was last week so we celebrated with a dinner full of wine, french bread & a recipe from my new Gwynnie cookbook ;) Anyway, we strung lights from the trees. I'm keen to do that in our backyard once Bud puts up a pergola - here's a simple DIY tutorial.

By the way - this is the recipe I chose - Zuni sheet pan chicken (I had no anchovies & it was fine w/out).

If you're stumped by a home redo, or interested in flipping (me!) - here's an awesome visual step-by-step.

A fun summertime bucket list.

And, lastly, two shots from our garden party. Someone might or might now have burned half her eyebrow off.

GDI - outdoor lights

GDI - outdoor garden party lights

Have a great weekend & see you soon!

(image via pinterest)

Kids at the beginning of the school year, and now

This is the part where I fall into a puddle on the ground and sob softly. The part where I compare pictures of the kids from the beginning of the school year until now, the end of the school year. And God forbid I begin looking at, say, pictures of True at the beginning of preschool. 

You can tell I took these pictures after school ended, actually, since they are barefoot, but we were within a couple of days so they count :)

June, first day of 3K. She LOVES school. Loves her friends, gets a thrill of excitement when anyone comes over, and marches in proudly, actively asking me not to walk with her.

GDI - June first day 3K

Last day of 3K. Next year she's there all day. I honestly can't. I'm in total denial.

GDI - June last day 3K

The remarkable thing about June is just how perfect she is. She's my daughter, and I'm biased, I know. But she's sweet and funny & kind and sensitive and strong and easy going. She's protective of people but not serious at all - totally can take a joke and make a joke. I have no idea what I did to deserve her.

Then there's this guy. My wild man, my feral Mowgli. Smart, smart, smart. Super literal. He can flip from angry to empathetic in seconds. The other day he and June were meant to be making their bed together. He did most of the work while he raged at her about how she should be helping. She added the last pillow. I took away her screen time for the next day. She began to cry. He came to me and said, "putting a pillow on is helping," Go figure.

First day of first grade. Earnest, probably a little nervous. Trying to act bigger than he felt.

 GDI - first day first grade

Last day of first grade. Too big, too smart. Waaaaah.

GDI - Truett last day first grade

And, together.

GDI - kids look at each other

Excuse me while I go cry into a handkerchief for the rest of my life. 

The rest of the pictures from our trip to DC

GDI - coffee pastries

Coffee & pastries for the ride home.

GDI - DC flying lessons June Ray

Flying lessons.

GDI - DC Ga's wallpaper

The covetous wallpaper in Georgia's laundry room.

GDI - DC mom & dad picture

A picture of my mom & dad, I found at Georgia's. Check out the shipping wallpaper in the background :)

GDI - DC Mosaic fountains

The kids playing in the fountains at the Mosaic. Georgia said that she noticed in pictures Truett is always in motion. 

GDI - DC outdoor herb pots

 I loved these potted herbs outside at a restaurant.

GDI - Uncle Pete kiddos

Uncle Peter sitting with the kids at Ted's Bulletin.

GDI - Truett pastries DC

Decision, decisions.

GDI - DC three kiddos

And, finally, these three. They make my heart sing. <3 <3 <3

Friday tidbits

GDI - thewiegands flowers in sink

What are you up to this weekend? School is out (!) and so tomorrow we'll have an end-of-year picnic at the park. We're also gearing up for our art camp & I'm putting finishing touches on the outdoor stage :)

Have a great weekend & I'll be back next week to finish up our DC trip pictures, & a new style post!

Here are my favorite links from this week.

An outdoor guide to Charleston, South Carolina (right in our backyard).

Places to cool off with the kids, here in Columbia.

Excuse me while I lather my child in this toxic death cream. So funny, so true. 

I'll grant you this is weird, but holy moly these sound therapy videos are incredibly relaxing. Have you heard of ASMR? My friend Liz told me about it last night & I've been listening this morning.

The Glen Wilde - a Dirty Dancing vacation, meets bungalows-with-a-modern-twist. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I stumbled on it via Cup of Jo. Road trip, anyone?

Pink pants on sale at Nordstroms. These would look perfect while sipping a summer cocktail at a garden party :)

Yesterday June & I made Blackberry Fool, an old fashioned dessert we read about in a book recently. This beautiful cone strainer from Food 52 would make the berry mashing so easy.

I could get lost in the pictures on Manger. As usual. (It's also a very sweet post by her husband).

Here's the cocktail to go with those summery pink pants.

(image via The Wiegands)


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