The best bean & corn salad

GDI - bean dip

My girlfriend Noreen and her husband always bring this killer black bean & corn salad to neighborhood get togethers. It's best when eaten with these salt & lime tortilla chips, but if you're trying to be a bit healthier it's amazing all by itself. I'm sure you could find a more exact recipe somewhere online, but this is the gist that I use:

1 can black beans, drained

1 can sweet corn

1 chopped green, red or yellow pepper

2 - 3 Tablespoons chopped onion (again, you can use more or less of all of these depending on your tastebuds & available ingredients)

1 teaspoon cumin

salt & pepper to taste

1 tablespoon olive oil 

salsa to taste 

fresh lemon/lime juice to taste

I've honestly omitted the olive oil & salsa before, and it's still super yummy. It also fits in with almost everyone's diet, so it's great for big gatherings. 

(PS - I've found if I keep things like hummus, chopped vegetables, olive tapenade & cold salads in the fridge it's so much easier to eat vegetables all day)

Friday tidbits

GDI - egg playground Sweden

A hilarious Adele parody.

I swear Facebook is dying for me to buy Thinx period panties, so I finally clicked on the article & now I'm intrigued to try them.

Mmm, a blueberry braid looks perfect for Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

I don't understand a word of this post, but I'm loving the shampoo & conditioner bottles. Such a simple way to make your shower feel luxurious.

Have you read about the way Utah approached homelessness & their success rate? Pretty inspiring.

Georgia recently uncovered some really cheap flights to Stockholm, Sweden. Here's what I would do if I were going. A bike tour, a beautiful airbnb (check out the pretty buildings from the balcony), 10 reasonably priced restaurants & the COOLEST playgrounds for kids.

All of my favorite pictures are on instagram. I'd love to make some books at chatbooks, have you ever?

Seal jumps in boat to escape Orcas. Haha, you damn right.

On losing the romance of sleep. "Every human being streams at night into the loving nowhere," Just lovely. I think we should all fall back in love with sleep.

And lastly, my perma-girl crush Faith.

GDI - Faith Hill Friday links

(images via daddy types & hairdiy)

The beauty of an indoor jungle

GDI - mason jar planter

A few weeks ago I began following this guy on instagram. I love his photos in general, but the indoor-jungle vibe is what I'm really digging right now. 

When the weather around here finally cools (oh from about December - early February :), we'll bring in my aloes and succulents and other assorted semi-indoor plants. What I'd love to do is fill all kinds of planters around the house for a pretty & boho-y feeling. I really think houses filled with plants have a fresh smell about them too, don't you?

Sidenote: that little beauty above is nearly cost-free. I found one of those succulents on a vacation nine years ago, and have kept it alive from house to house (it roots super easily). I put a few rocks in the bottom of an old mason jar, added dirt, plopped in the succulent(s) and that's it. It's thriving in our front room window.

Here are some ideas that I'd love to incorporate into our house as the weather gets cooler.

GDI - hanging planter etsy

This small hanging planter is only $11 on etsy.

GDI - anthro wall planters

These beautiful (overpriced) wall hangers from anthropologie are a good jumping off point for DIY inspiration. 

GDI - head planters etsy

OMG, these little face planters are so cute.

GDI - UO magical moon planter

A little magic moon from Urban Outfitters. <3

GDI - tribal print ceramic planter

Ceramic hanging planter, from the etsy shop mbundy.

GDI - Ikea planters

And, a simple, pretty, inexpensive white plant pot from Ikea.

That's it! If you follow me on instagram, and would like to tag me in an indoor plant picture (@grapedidit), I would LOVE that!

June's first day 4K

GDI - June's first day 4K

June ran around the house last night saying, "tomorrow's my big day! tomorrow's my big day!" She could not be more different than Truett, who would love nothing more than to stay home and climb trees all day, every day.

GDI - June's first day Truett stick

She is excited about school and even more excited that she now gets to stay all day which includes eating lunch, rest time, music & art.

I, on the other hand, think even kindergartners should have the option of coming home at lunchtime. Ah well, you can't win them all.

This morning June got herself dressed in record time, ate her bowl of cereal, and put on her tennis shoes (in case today is PE day!).

I've told her several times how much I'll miss her now that she's in full-day, but that I am very excited at the same time, and know she'll love it (while secretly dying inside just a tiny bit).

So. Now I'm here. All alone. And I have plans for this new season in my life. But still.

Hope you're hanging in there too. xoxoxo

GDI - June first day Truett second week

Friday tidbits


What will you do this weekend? Tonight instead of family movie night, we're going to try family game night. That + the kids want to make tacos :) Then I'm hoping we can mostly chill since we're transitioning to early mornings and school.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend & see you back here next week.

I sort of love the den/kitchen combo (#20 blurred lines). 

A pretty dress on mega-sale at modcloth.

Have you seen this squid? Whaaaa?

The Curse on The Moth podcast. A short story that is so so good. (I found this on Cup of Jo's post here). 

Is this for real?! The Squatty Potty. Watch the unicorn commercial if you can.

 How to make white queso dip at home!

Have you heard of the Portland Coffee Press? It's a coffee press designed around a Mason jar, so if you break it, all you have to do is grab another jar! LOOVE.

A high speed rail system for the US.

That's it - have a great one! xo

(image via tsurubride)

A style trend I'm digging

GDI - lyst jeans

It's not new, but my latest style obsession is slightly ripped jeans - if they're snug, with an oversized shirt, or a button down, & if they're loose, a fitted tee or sweater.

GDI - AG jeans

And, even though I like them ripped, I LOVE the ones that are only a little torn, frayed, or worn at the knee.

GDI - pinterest ripped jeans

As for finding them, these pairs look promising:

Mother the Looker jeans

GDI Mother the Looker jeans

Joe's Skinny Stretch (you'd have to rip yourself)


AG Legging ankle.

What'd you think? What are your favorite jeans? It's like an odyssey finding that perfect pair.

(images via listed websites or Pinterest)

Truett's first day of second grade

GDI - first day second grade

Last night I lay awake in bed with a knot in my stomach. Second grade. Second. grade. It just seems so real, so solid, so elementary, completely and utterly leaving preschool behind. 

And I know I'm supposed to put something about feeling sad but happy, cloudy but silver lining, loving the past, looking forward to the future. And I know all of those things exist in some moment in time, but for right now I just feel a desperate pain for the passage of time to slow, or stop altogether.

Sorry you guys, my heart is heavy today. If you're feeling the same, chin up, you're not alone - we can do this painful, beautiful thing called parenthood.

Friday tidbits

GDI - Friday August 12

Good Friday morning! What will you do this weekend? We have a birthday party at a skating rink (I haven't been to one since I was a child) & then I hope to squeeze every last drop out of summer break before Truett begins Monday. June will begin the following week.

Hope you have a great weekend & see you back here next week.

Have you read this story? Tiny stray dog finds her human when she joins him in 77 mile race. I love this man's reaction, I love this dog, I feel so happy reading this story. “At the finish line she followed me into the tent and we slept next to each other. That was it then.” 

Dragonfruit. These would also make beautiful prints in a child's room.

Bed frame inspiration from Domino. We're in the market since we got a case of bedbugs this spring(!). It was horrible, more on that later, if I can muster the strength.

Tiny olympians.

The indiegogo - a fancy bento box - comes with an app for tasty meal planning. The video will make you want to pack lunches all day ;-p

Barnyard dust might help prevent asthma.

What I love about the Olympics. Cynical, but funny.

Children are worse when their mothers are present. So much click bait, but at least click through to the Nene gif.

I loved this week of outfits at Cup of Jo.


Caves to visit in the Northeast. The kids were asking about caving the other day and I thought it might be a fun adventure.


(image via Pinterest)

Restoration Hardware art hack

GDI - RH dinosaur art

I'm not trying to pick on Restoration Hardware - and, fun fact, in high school, when I needed a pick-me-up, I'd browse their brick & mortar store (at the mall haha!) endlessly. But their prices are...kind of crazy.

I'm always amazed at, say, a globe for ten gazillion dollars that you could get at World Market for $20.

But their designs are beautiful, and of course sometimes worth the splurge. This chair has been on my covet list forever.

So when I saw this cool dinosaur skeleton art (above) - something Truett would probably love - I decided to find similar and much, much cheaper versions. Fun, yes?

GDI - buffalo watercolor geoart

GDI - Trex Geometricart

GDI - geometric ink stegosaurus

Etsy is a treasure trove. This shop  has really cool watercolors. If you want something oversized, she can paint it custom - like this bison for $35 - and bonus, it's original. The same shop has these cool gold foil pictures as well. I would love to put the Stegosaurus & the TRex next to each other.

GDI - Stegosaurus tinytoesdesign

This colorful Stegosaurus is a watercolor from the shop TinyToesDesign. I think it's beautiful.

GDI - skeletons frenchvintage

A downloadable file - which is super affordable and means you can choose your size - of a 1922 skeleton print - from French Vintage Prints

GDI - quantumprints dinosaurs

You can get six fossil sketches from QuantumPrints - each 16 X 20. Pricey all together, but you get six of them, compared to one for twice the price at Restoration Hardware.

Now, here's the hard part. Framing. It's what almost inevitably drives up the price.

But! Good news. There are all kinds of ways to frame on the cheap. You can make your own, re-use one from a thrift store, go with poster rails (something I'm partial to) or use an etsy shop like Signed & Numbered. I also have a friend who frames & can work with me on materials, prices & design :)

Truett's birthday party pictures

GDI - Truett pizza birthday

Friday we bought two dozen donuts, candles & headed to Chuck E Cheese's. Here are some pictures, if you're curious, but I've also got to tell you this story:

For his birthday, my mom and dad gave Truett a check inside a card. The card was of the Monopoly guy - since Truett LOVES to play - and inside was a get-out-of-jail-free card. As you know, Truett is pretty shy & doesn't like to be the center of attention, at least not unless it's on his terms.

Unbeknownst to me, Truett had slipped the get-out-of-jail card into his pocket, preparing for the moment when the Chuck E. Cheese's mouse came up to do the happy birthday song. As soon as we told him to go up and stand next to the giant mascot, he pulled the card out, slammed it into my hand and WENT RUNNING OFF.

I was mortified, but also secretly impressed. 

Hope you had a great weekend :)

GDI - Truett birthday mouse

GDI - ticket blaster before Truett

GDI - ticket blaster 2

GDI - Truett ticket blaster 3

GDI - Truett blows out donut cake


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