The coffee klatch

Grape Did It - coffee mug

I feel so 1950's saying this, but our coffee get togethers have become so much fun! This morning we all chatted, gossiped & drank coffee while the kids ran around like little crazy people in the backyard. We planned a strawberry picking trip for tomorrow (at this farm) & a strawberry jam making afternoon for Friday.

We're also thinking about teaching each other casual classes this summer as in, my friend knows how to weave baskets, so she might host a basket weaving class at her house one morning. What'd you think? Isn't that fun? I just love this group of talented & interesting women :)

PS - we were meeting at the local coffee shop but have started rotating it at each other's houses since it's easier with the kids, & cozier, too.

Our forest adventure

Grape Did It - June & mama

Sunday morning we packed up the kids, dogs and some food & headed out to the woods where Bud had found a pretty creek with a rocky shoreline.

It ended up being an amazing woodsy adventure. Truett spotted frog eggs, tadpoles and a crawfish! We also collected some deer bones: a skull, a ribcage & a jaw bone which I'm going to let True bring into school for show and tell.

We ate lunch on a big rock and June loved walking straight through the frigid water :) It reminded me so much of growing up when we'd spend endless hours outside exploring our backyard creek and neighborhood.

PS - in the photo above you'll see the butterfly bandaid over June's eyebrow where she conked her head on a stump Saturday morning. Poor baby.

Grape Did It - frog eggs

Grape Did It - Sadie log

Grape Did It - waterfall

Grape Did It - Truett rock

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 4.11.14

Happy Friday! What will you do this weekend? Tomorrow I'm going to take Truett to a kid's yoga class (!) & then both kids to an Easter egg hunt at a friend's house. I'm excited for a fun weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful, fun, springy weekend & here are a few links I liked.

Farmhouse Mud dinnerware, so pretty.

Haha, number 34 especially.

A beautiful gift wrapping job (surprisingly peaceful to watch, too). 

LOVE these kid pajamas.

100 year old message in a bottle, finally found at sea. (Doesn't it make you want to write one to the future?)

A marigold silk tank top, from Everlane.

How shoes shape a look. Pretty dramatic.

The best flowers for a cutting garden.

And in case you missed them: Five moving songs & a funny note.

A note

Grape Did It - note from Maggie

(When you come to pick up T & J wear a bathing suit).

The other day Truett went over to his friend Maggie's house to play. They only live three doors down so they often run back and forth. Shortly after they'd left, I heard the doorbell ring. Bud brought me this note & said you'd better watch out when you head over there to pick True up

Turns out they were ready with water soakers when I got there :) 

5 moving songs

I've been thinking a lot lately about therapy, in all of its forms, and it's made me think about music and how it can trigger a feeling in such a profound way. Here are 5 of my favorites.


Amy Winehouse covers Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

Rufus Wainwright covers Hallelujah.

I Don't Know How To Love Him, from Jesus Christ Super Star - my mother used to sing this song.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow cover by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

The Luckiest by Ben Folds Five - which I sing to my kids now.

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 4.4.14

What are you doing this weekend? We're doing the dog show (&bake sale) tomorrow, and then Truett has a birthday party :) I've also got the ingredients to make - surprise! - homemade Nutella. Other than that? Relax. 

I love these tiny moon & star earrings.

Also on etsy, this made me laugh.

Coveting this beautiful bathing suit.

I'd like to try making preserved lemons, have you? Also, ways to use them once you've made them.

When I walk, I enjoy listening to the Splendid Table podcast (it's a really fun show if you love food). Anyway, last week Lynn interviewed a guy about kosher salt & how it's actually awful (you can read that interview here if you'd like). He recommends instead Sel Gris

These Osprey eggs are about to hatch.

The chewy chocolate chip recipe I'm using for the bake sale cookies. I'll let you know how they turn out (my usual ones always turn so flat).

And, a good spring nail color to go with the lipstick shade :)

PS - what you might have missed on Grape Did It this week: a few things June is saying now & a perfect shade of lipstick to kick off spring.

Spring lipstick

Grape Did It - spring lipstick

A few weeks ago Summer sent me a tube of this lipstick, partly because she loved it & partly because of the name ;)

It's super neutral - think a step up from chapstick - so it's perfect for spring weather, running errands or weekend yoga. And if I want to step it up a little, I'll add a bit of my favorite bright pink - the combination is really pretty. What're you wearing this spring?

June isms


"I playing,"

"No. I talking to brother."

"No, I do it."

"You happy?"

"Because said so!" (when you ask her why)

Friday tidbits


What are you doing this weekend? Tomorrow we'll have hotdogs & cake at a friend's house to celebrate their little girl's 3rd birthday :) And I'd like to work on the dog show

Let's do some fun links & see you back here next week!

Pregnancy time lapse, so cute.

Happiness makes people work harder. Durrr.

These are manhole covers, if you can believe it.

This made me laugh.

A date night groupon that sounds pretty good.

Linen towels on etsy.

What a pretty picnic idea.

We're looking for an antique map for our guest room and I LOVE this one

Spring dog show

Grape Did It - dogs (show)

Not...that they would take best in show. But I'm so excited because our neighborhood has decided to put on a spring dog show! 

I'm helping put the show together - which will be super casual, stuffed dogs allowed too, of course. We're working on a registration form that will include a portion to write in details about your dog that can be read as the dog walks across the stage (basketball court).

For instance, for Sadie we might write, "Sadie Sypert, a 12 pound miniature daschund, black and tan, who enjoys escaping through the fence, harassing nearby neighbors & barking at something, anything, perhaps even a passing house fly."

Other good ideas to include? We'll decorate the basketball court in blue ribbons and each dog & owner will get a small medal :) My sweet neighbor - who's 8 - decided to call it The Melrose Mutt Show (since this neighborhood is called Melrose Heights). Isn't that perfect? 


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