A roundup of lamps

GDI - geometric lamp

Himmeli Diamond Geometric Lamp

A couple of weeks ago I found myself looking for a small lamp that could be placed on a bookshelf nook.

I went down a pretty rabbit hole full of lamps & realized there were many to love.

Although I chose an art deco globe - which you can see in this post about our living room redo - I though I'd share some of my other favorites.

GDI - lamp - fox

Metal Fox accent Lamp 

GDI - industrial concrete lamp

Industrial Concrete Copper table lamp

GDI - lamp goddess

Art Nouvea Goddess lamp

GDI - green glass lamp

French Art Deco bedside lamp

GDI - copper lamp

Copper arc table lamp

Friday tidbits

GDI - localmilkblog image

What will you do this weekend? Tonight Bud & I are going out on a date - maybe here? - and I excited to try my hand at making honeysuckle cordial (did you know there was such a thing!?).

Here are some links I found this week & I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do :)

I loved this well planned out small apartment

This is a cheeky little lamp. And this one.

Five ways to have a spa day at home, like June & I did last weekend <3

If you do NOTHING ELSE today, please follow Celeste Barber on instagram. I have laughed so hard tears ran down my face. There are no words.

Here's a love language quiz I'd like to take with Bud.

Ida Keeling is my newest inspiration.

Beautiful Parisian apartments.

A documentary about women in Shanghai called Sheng-nu, or Leftover Women. It looks both heartbreaking & hopeful.

Gorgeous, gorgeous tumblr account

How to grow ginger inside, year-round. I think ginger as one of the miracle foods, right up there with garlic & olive oil.

Also, taco pickles.

That's it - have a great weekend!

(image credit localmilkblog)

Living room inspiration board

Living room inspiration board

I FINALLY found a program I can use to make inspiration boards. Yes, I know, it's 2016. I'm pretty sure I'm using this program like a five, three year old would - just cutting & pasting pictures offline - but at least you can see what I'm hoping for the living room, soon.

I used SketchUp from google & I'm hoping to learn the program better as time goes on (anyone know how? & would be willing to help me? Bueller?)

Next week our contractor will be putting up (navy!) shelves, the couch arrives sometime at the end of May & I've already ordered this art deco lamp. We're also going to have the walls repainted a soft white, with the trim staying a bright, clean white.

Likely the other pieces will come more slowly, and Bud's not crazy about the leather chair, so that could change :)

I'm so excited & hope you like looking at these things as much as I do.

I've included links below to the things I can find. xo

Rug at West Elm

Couch at Bryght

Lamp at Houzz

The cactus print is just for an idea - this is the actual print I'm having framed. If you're in the Columbia area & looking for good, (relatively) inexpensive framing, I've got the person for you :)

Here's the actual one I'm using & I downloaded it from sycamorepress.

Living room - cactus print

Colors are: Simply White by Benjamin Moore, Anemone by Sherwin Williams, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, and a gray I chose just to highlight the couch color.

An at-home spa day

GDI - June preps spa day

Saturday morning the kids & I cleaned up the house, and then June & I prepared for a spa morning. Truett was invited, several times, but chose instead to play destructive-battle-Lego-dinosaur-monster-magic in his room.

GDI - June spa day nail polish

We made a face mask out of avocado, honey, oatmeal & coconut oil. We prepared a tray with towels, freshly clipped mint sprigs and cold lemon water.

GDI - mama face mask

I ran a hand towel under water, squeezed it out and put it in the microwave for about a minute (be careful if you do this, the internal temperature of the towel will be very hot & need a little time to cool). 

GDI - June face mask

We laid out fresh towels on the living room floor, got a pillow and hair rubber bands.

GDI - spa day June toes

I added a few drops of lavender oil to some unscented lotion & put the mixture into a pinch bowl.

GDI - spa day toenails

We spent the morning applying face-masks, rubbing each other's feet & referencing Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It's Beauty Day.

GDI - spa day tray

It was such a sweet time with June and I honestly felt refreshed and relaxed at the end :)

GDI - spa day June mama

GDI - June mama kiss

PS - what it might be like to have a daughter - those are Ella's toes & I hadn't even had Truett yet!!

Friday tidbits

GDI - happy healthy raspberry cake

What are you doing this weekend? Truett's soccer team will have their end-of-season party tomorrow night, with pizza (& beers for the grownups), & I'm hoping to do a homemade spa-day with the kids (Bud's out of town). Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and see you back here next week.

A gorgeous house tour in a backyard shed.

We've been reading Harriet the Spy & I went down a little rabbit hole reading about the author Louise Fitzhugh. She sounds like she was so cool.

We're collecting pallets for our summer camp :) & so I've been geeking out on things you can do with a pallet. Check out this (cheap!) table for a summertime party.

Why it's time to visit Columbia. Yay! I love our adopted city.

Tiny rooms inside manholes. Interesting story behind the art.

Have you ever used Depop? It's supposed to be the instagram of buying & selling.

I LOVE the new royal portrait with the queen.

Exactly. Also, more wine & pasta.

Tokyo's countryside.

Squatters in Mozambique's Grande Hotel.

A beautiful whole-food blog my girlfriend just introduced me to.

Also - I'm gearing up to redo our living room. We've ordered this couch & I'm hoping to have some bookshelves installed next week :) Stay tuned for updates. 

(image credit happy health)

A pretty pair of pull on shorts (with pockets!)

GDI - madewell shorts

Look at these pretty Madewell shorts. They look so breezy & summery. Plus, I love the washed-out linen stripes. 

Would you buy these? I'm waiting for them to go on sale ;)

GDI - Madewell tank

Also, this tie-tank would look cute with the shorts.

Quidditch World Cup 9

GDI - Quidditch World Cup 9

Yesterday we went to the US Quidditch World Cup 9 and it was so much fun.

Bud was aghast at all of the money I spent on tee shirts, brooms & food, but come ON. How often do you attend a Quidditch cup?

GDI - Quidditch

I learned a lot about the difference between magical playing & human playing, but it's still quite similar. The brooms have recently been replaced with sticks - still called brooms - because turns out the straw bits were chafing & then the naked end of the brooms - the ones with screws sticking out - were injuring players. Ouch.

June & Truett both got new-style brooms - June's is purple with a purple grip & pink lettering, Truett's is green with a navy grip & gold lettering. It was so fun to customize them, & last night while I was putting them to bed Truett sighed, "I love my new broom. I only wish it could fly."

GDI - Quidditch broomsticks

We ate corndogs, snow cones & funnel cake. Bud even got into it - in his usual gregarious Texan kind of way, leaning over and picking the brains of anyone who would talk to him :) He of course enjoyed the strategy portion of the tournament, while I was secretly hoping JK would ghost into the crowd. It's a fun mix of sport, and HP geeks like me.

GDI - Quidditch Texas State

We came home tired, a bit sunburned, and so happy. I'm hoping next year it's close enough for us to attend again. Have you ever been? Also - side note - I adore that this sport is still in it's early stages. Parking was a breeze (and free), people were incredibly friendly, and you can still play even if you're not an absolute athletic maniac. It was wonderful.

Friday links

GDI - quidditch

What are you up to this weekend? We've happily got no plans, but I'm hoping to institute some wine & hygge with friends & maybe, MAYBE go see the Quidditch World Cup (!!!)

Let's do some links & see you back here next week.

I loved this explanation of why they shouldn't be called daddy-daughter dates.

OMG these living rooms.

Tigers are coming back, baby!

 Mental illness mostly caused by life events. Whoa, a whole different approach.

I can't wait for cold, fizzy, berry summertime drinks. A bunch of recipes here.

China's real-life Atlantis. Truett is transfixed by this idea, now.

Baby tech is sold on fear. Shame on those companies.

We're thinking about traveling to Nashville this summer & these sound like really cool things to do (and mostly, to eat :)

Matching probiotic strains to the illnesses they cure. And, practical recipes for cooking with fermented foods.

xoxo have a great weekend!

(quidditch picture here)

A closet redo

GDI - french country cottage

My closet is tiny. I mean, hilariously tiny. Not that I'm complaining - I've recently pared down to a capsule wardrobe - and as gorgeous as walk-in closets can be, I'm sort of overwhelmed by that amount of choice.

I decided to make the best of my closet, & see if I could get someone to install shelves, put the bar higher and maybe add some shoe cubbies. When our contractor came over yesterday to take a look he was like, "Um, Hope, I'm sorry but your closet just might be too small to redo," Ha! Part of the problem is that the door is narrow even though the closet is wider - kind of a logistical issue on top of size.

Anyway - it looks like we might be able to shoehorn a modest reorganization of my itty bitty teeny tiny closet, but in the meantime I thought we could drool over some dream-worthy, but-still attainable, closets. 

The above photo - from frenchcountrycottage.net - is kind of my inspiration. I'd love to fit a round mirror in the back of the closet, above the top of a sweater shelf for an in-closet vanity.

GDI - closet who what wear

Less attainable, but very pretty.

GDI - elle closet

A not-closet area - how cool is that? I kind of like exposed closets.

GDI - who what wear

Like this one

Lastly - I love the old doors in our house, but wouldn't it be pretty if I repainted just the closet door?

GDI - pop sugar closet doors


The spring cake

GDI - garden cake manger

Just a quick photo to show you how the first cake turned out. It didn't matter that the kids put the fruit & leaves on higgledy-piggledy - it came out beautifully :)


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