Some sad news


Monday night Bud learned that his father had died, unexpectedly. We believe it was from a heart attack. I'm so glad we got to see him in February.

Tomorrow I'll be flying to Texas for the funeral, & Bud is already there making arrangements & visiting family.

I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend & see you back here next week.

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - Folly sunrise 9.14

What are you doing this weekend? Truett has a soccer scrimmage (: tonight - and then a pizza party afterwards. Then, tomorrow I'm heading to Rock Hill for a visit to see one of my bestest friends.

Lastly, Indie Grits is this weekend & I'd really like to go to the slow food event.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend & see you back here Monday.

This is what I'm reading right now, and loving. 

12 girlfriend getaways.

A very yummy cheap wine.

A linen caftan, to covet & a more realistic belted shirt dress, to buy ;)

The moral bucket list. I LOVED this article.

5 things to try this weekend.

Look at this gorgeous Hubbell floor lamp ca. 1930's.

Indie Grits slow food - here in Columbia this weekend!

Cool - skinny - house in Brooklyn for sale.

Mwa! Have a great one.

A dreamy trip to France

GDI - trip to Nice FR

Ever since my friend Miriam introduced me to airbnb (I'd heard of it in the ether, but never really explored it until now), I've been poking around, daydreaming about trips anywhere from Asheville, NC to Nice, France.

Yesterday I looked up cottages in the Cotswolds in England and then I began bopping around places to visit in Nice, France. Um. 

Here are some of my favorites (all in Nice).

GDI - Nice, airbnb apartment 

GDI - Nice FR airbnb apartment

This apartment looks beautiful & is only $92 a night! Imagine opening those doors in the evening & chatting over a glass of wine.

GDI - airbnb France 3

GDI - airbnb France 2

This apartment has two balconies, breathtaking views & is near a charming town square where you could go eat decadent pastries and people watch.



And this one, oh this one, looks like you've stepped into a French novel, complete with high ceilings, funky decor & a bed that backs up to a window, with a view of the sea. Ahhhh.

PS - cheap flights to France & how to exchange your home with someone in France. Now you're all set :)

Top photo from the second listing, here.

Fishers Mill - a spooky, beautiful old spot

GDI - Fisher's Mill 1

A few weeks ago my girlfriend Liz showed me this cool, semi-hidden spot in town. It's behind a neighborhood of newish houses and, if you go through the gate, you end up in a grassy area that looks like a secret garden! 

The site is home to an old mill that was built in the 1700's and used first as a gristmill and, later, to spin cotton. The old milling basin is still there.

Saturday I took Truett by and we sneakily climbed the fence and poked around. 

Here are a few pictures I took, if you're curious :)

GDI - Fisher's Mill 2

GDI - Fisher's Mill 3

GDI - Fisher's Mill 4

PS - our trip to Florida for spring break, if you haven't already seen.

Friday tidbits

GDI - Fri 4.10.15

The weather here has turned into full-throttle spring. Azaleas, cherry blossoms & birds trilling their little hearts out. It's gorgeous & insane so this weekend I hope to spend a lot of time outside (this is a nice patio set).

Oh! And tonight Truett & I are doing a mother-son challenge at his school that I am so excited (and a little nervous) for. I think it's a bunch of short games we'll compete in but, of course, this is our first time.

What are you up to? 

Let's do some fun links and see you back here Monday!

I made these Madeleines for French class this week.

7 Ways to increase joy & reduce stress. I loved this short post.

Korean style radish pickles. I made these from our garden radishes this week. They are easy peasy & delicious. 

Why the best doctors often do nothing

Three spring retreats. Yum. I'd love to try The Vendue in Charleston.

I'd love to try some of these not-so-expensive Portugese wines (at Whole Foods).

Wood maps show hidden underwater world. Whoa.

Love this as a beach cover-up.

15 apps for finding out what's going on this weekend (in your town). 

PS - that picture is from Florida when June was making my head spin with whining. My dad helpfully caught the moment.

Our best tips for a fun road trip

GDI - travel, pool

Last week for spring break I took the kids down to Florida and back. My parents live a little ways outside of Tampa and so the drive can take anywhere from nine to - oh, a hellish twelve, hours?

Since I knew we'd be spending two solid days in the car, I wanted to not only survive the drive, but make it part of the fun.

GDI - June, travel

Here are a few things that helped:

1. Books on cd. Books on cd. Books on cd. This was the game changer. The biggest challenge is to find something that interests all of you.

We chose The Tale of Despereaux & The Hobbit. The first one worked okay for all three of us, and for The Hobbit, Truett and I were both riveted. If I had it to do over again, I'd throw some of these Mercy Watson books in for June (Truett likes them, too).

GDI - teepee

2. Good food. Instead of tossing smooshed peanut butter & jellies into a bag (which, frankly, can taste great on a trip), I tried to make it more of a menu that worked well in a car.

I loaded up at Trader Joe's and these were our favorites:  

Sea salt & sugar chocolate covered almonds.

Mini cheese sandwich crackers.

Crisp apples.

French bread.

Thai lime & chili cashews (that only I liked, obvi).

And string cheese sticks.

GDI - travel

3. All that food notwithstanding, a good old Waffle House stop is always fun.

4. Talking about all of the things we were looking forward to on the way, and all of our favorite things we did, on the way home.

GDI - travel horses

5. Stop enough for fun & stretching, not so much that the trip seems to drag, and drag, and drag.

GDI - travel, Bud, ocean

6. Lastly - leave early. The earlier the better. On our way, Bud & I loaded the kids into the car at a sleepy 5:45. I had juice ready and we stopped for breakfast a bit later. They were so groggy, the first hour or so barely registered. By lunchtime, we were more than halfway there!

GDI - sunrise

I'm not entirely sure why leaving this early makes the trip feel so significantly shorter (maybe our bodies still think we're in the bed?) but it too was a game changer. Huge bonus: watching the sunrise from our car windows (with a cup of coffee for me :)

GDI - Waffle House

What have I missed? Do you have any genius car trip ideas? A girlfriend of mine said her mom & dad would stop at elementary schools and let them play on the playgrounds. 

GDI - Truett beach, travel

PS - 5 travel essentials.

Favorite nail polish color for spring

GDI - nail polish Sophisticated

Saturday was bright & lovely and so I rode my bike to the drugstore to poke around for Easter and look at spring nail polishes.

A couple of weeks ago I took June in for an echo-cardio gram (her doctor heard a small heart murmur), and the nurse was wearing a gorgeous, pale grey nail polish. 

I spotted this one from Revlon - called Sophisticated - and snatched it up. I love it. It does feel sophisticated but has a little blue that keeps it springy & happy. 

PS - it's quite a bit darker than it looks in the drugstore picture. Also - a red I love, this bright pink & perfect for fall.

Friday tidbits

GDI - FL trip birds

What will you be doing this weekend? We've had a lovely week at my parent's house in Florida, and will be sad to leave. It's been a week of sun, swimming and soaking up time with Nammy & Granddaddy.

Happy Easter, if you're celebrating, and see you back here next week!

" immersive attentiveness to the casual..."

A nightlight that can go with your little one for trips to the bathroom.  

There is indeed a wanderlust gene.

How to make Irish cream, yum.

The perfect bar cart, especially for a small space. And the price is amazing.

Post-birth selfies. Beautiful & exciting.

Career tips from entrepreneurs.

How cool is this glass pot?


Stray dogs attend funeral of woman who fed them. Oof, my heart.

See you back here Monday. I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Kiddo room makeover, phase 1

GDI - uncommon good giraffes

When we first moved into our house on Fairview, this is what the kid's room looked like.

GDI - kids room move in day 2

GDI - kids room move in day

Then, for a long while it had June's crib in one corner and Truett's little twin bed in another. 

Right before June turned three she began to subtly resist going into her crib. She took naps on Truett's bed or insisted on falling asleep in ours. So, just to try it out on the cheap, I removed the mattress from our fold-out couch and put it on the floor after removing both of their beds. They love it. I went in the other night to look at them and they were holding hands, fast asleep.

So this is what it looks like now.

GDI - kids room current

Sweet, and I like the low bed, but we are in need of a little more form and function.

I waffled & waffled about bunk beds (namely safety) but I think it's the way we'll go considering the size of the room. And they are still little enough to sleep together in a twin, if that's what they choose (on the bottom bunk).

These are rooms I'm using for inspiration and what materials I plan to use for their room redo.

GDI - bunk bed + end table

This is the Mydal bunk bed from Ikea I'd like and I love how the one above is painted a calming gray.

(photo of gray bunk bed from Holly Mathis Interiors)

We'll keep the green shag area rug & on that note, Bud just bought the Sherwin Williams color called Jardin. It's pictured in this image below, above the mantle. (image from Hooked On Houses)

GDI - Jardin hookedonhouses

From the same room above - with the gray bunk bed - I really like the Aiden End Table from World Market. It's a tad expensive for our yard-sale budget(s), so I may ask Bud to make a wood cube with a dark stain.

I would love a bunch of white floating shelves from Ikea, jaw-dropping inspiration courtesy of this house tour on Cup of Jo (image below).

GDI - shelves cup of Jo

For art I've got what feels like a zillion ideas: load up on Ikea frames and fill with these free printables, a gorgeous pull-down map (link here & picture below) or, empty frames that we refill with kid art whenever they're in the mood.

GDI - Paris map

Cheeky bookends for the books on the floating shelves. From Land of Nod (and picture below).

GDI - book ends LON

Bedding like this for June (Ikea) & like this for Truett (also Ikea, both pictures from Ikea).

GDI - Ikea bedding June

GDI - Truett duvet Ikea 

What are your thoughts? Any brilliant ideas? I'm SO excited to start this project & Bud's already picked up the paint!

PS - our kitchen renovation from last year.

Giraffe book ends from Uncommon Goods, and you can find them here

Our trip to Florida, so far

GDI - FL trip 3

(breakfast for lunch at Waffle House, our favorite road trip place to eat)

Yesterday Bud and I woke up at 5 am and loaded our sleepy children into the van. We had a bag full of books on cd, good snacks & some Magic Schoolbus dvds. It was a surprisingly smooth trip and leaving so early gave us time to unwind (and swim!) once we got here.

Today we've been to the beach and, as we speak, Truett is pulling on my arm to go for another dip in my parents' pool. We also had lunch at an outdoor restaurant where the kids could stand by the railing and look down at the water. Here are some of our pictures so far, if you'd like to see :)

I took my coffee out to the front patio this morning & look who joined me.

GDI - FL trip 1

Pretty sure he was only in it for a bit of cheese.

GDI - FL trip2

Treasures from the beach, including this amazing natural sea sponge!

GDI - June sandy bum

A sandy bum.

GDI - FL trip Truett

GDI - FL trip birds

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Up tomorrow: June's requested chocolate custard & we hope to work on confetti eggs for Easter. xoxo


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