Friday tidbits

GDI - Friday 7.31.15

What are you doing this weekend? Tomorrow the kids have a pool party and I'm heading out to the lake once more to do paddle-board yoga (long story, but I missed last months). 

Our new half-bath is finished and I am thrilled to share it here next week. 

Hope you have a fun, refreshing weekend and see you back here Monday :)

The best article I've read on how to make a marriage last.

NASA finds earth's bigger cousin. Cool.

Malawi Chief Annuls Child Marriages (and sends the girls back to school)! Wahoo!

Hangry really is a thing.

Yummy food on a flight

How to really go camping.

SJP's beautiful NYC town house flip.

Stunning photos of redheads

Why my kids will probably end up millionaires.

Mint icebox cake you can make without turning on the oven. YUM.

That's it - have a great weekend!

Kid's room makeover

GDI - kids room before

(kid's room before makeover)

We finally completed the kid's room! Of course it's an organic process, and will continue to evolve over time - but I'm so please with the way it's turned out.

GDI - kids room after 1

(kid's room after makeover)

I decided on this double bed from Ikea since the kids like to snuggle when they sleep, & then these two matching side tables. Simple, wooden & pretty. 

GDI - kids room 7

I found the duvet cover at West Elm and I think it pretty much makes the room.

GDI - kids room 3

I originally thought I'd take down the cheery yellow curtains because between the duvet + curtains + wall color, I thought it would be too much, but in the end I love the combination of fun colors. The room feels so kid-friendly and happy.

GDI - kids room 4

The paint color is Jardin by Sherwin Williams and is both calming and joyful.

Bud installed the low, L-shaped shelves just last weekend and they make a perfect spot for the kids to play with their toys - June's into Calico Critters right now (ahem, and so is her mother) - and still keep things off the ground.

GDI - kids room 5

The bookshelf is something we've had forever - I found it on Craigslist years ago - and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house. I spray painted it white when I was pregnant with Truett :)

GDI - kids room 6

Their closet - not pictured - has an overflowing toy box (that Bud built when True was a baby), a shared dresser & lots of hanging clothes. Thankfully the doors shut.

GDI - kids room after 2

I'd still love to hang a mirror and a printed map of Paris (once we figure out how to mount it) and I'm dying to find a spot for the gorgeous teepee Santa (+ Bonnie) made the kids for Christmas. 

What'd you think? Anything you'd change or recommend? What works in your house?

PS - here's a great storage bin round up - so you can have your cake/kids and a tidy house, too.

Other makeover projects: the kitchen renovation & the living room. And oh, oh, oh our half bath is almost finished!! It'll be interesting to see how much is resembles my original wish list :)

What is your favorite perfume?

GDI - free people perfume

When I was fifteen I visited my brother during his time studying abroad in London. I remember going to a coffee shop with one of his friends & eating a huge piece of chocolate cake. She was from Cyprus and I'll never forget her throaty voice and how surprised I was to learn she was in her thirties - ha! She was gorgeous and smart and I was smitten. 

I also remember our brief trip to Paris, our hostel, and the giant bowls of coffee we drank in the mornings.

But one of my most vivid memories is of visiting Harrods, the iconic department store. I felt chic and sophisticated roaming the store, having tea with my brother on the second floor, and then spritzing on Trésor, a random perfume I found at the perfume counter. 

GDI - Harrods

When we got back to my brother's flat I took a long nap in an effort to recover from my jet lag, and when I woke up my skin, my hair, even the blankets, smelled like a warm version of the perfume I'd sprayed on my wrists and neck when I was in Harrods.

GDI - Cyprus buzzfeed

That perfume has since evoked such a good memory - the kind you almost feel in your belly, you know?

And so when I stumbled upon it again at Ulta the other day I decided it would be my fall perfume, once I finished the L'air du Temps I've been wearing (a scent that reminds me so much of my grandmother).

I have this minor obsession with perfumes, scents, and the powerful memories associated with them and so I'm curious about what other people love.

What do you wear? What scents do you gravitate towards? Are they associated with memories? I like something flowery in the spring and summer and a little spicier and musky in the fall and winter.

(photo credits via: top image freepeople, second image livesharetravel & third, Cyprus, from buzzfeed )

Friday tidbits

GDI - Fri 7.24.15

Happy weekend! What will you be doing for the next few days? Bud is coming home today from a business trip (!) and I'm hoping to work a little on the finishing touches of the kid's room redo

Have a great weekend & see you next week.

Have I talked about this show before? Embarrassing name, but such a good show. I flew through the first season on Netflix.

Should more women be giving birth outside of hospitals? (you know my take)

Why we should be getting our sleep & how to get there

A new dinosaur! (I love it's name)

A glass of red wine is as good as the gym?

Illustrations from the booze on your favorite shows (butterbeer is hilarious).

The case for a 32 hour work week

5 tree houses you can stay in.

Two cute videos that just might make your day: puppy swarms & check out these humpback whales!

A DIY sugar tray for kids learning their letters. 

A creamy chicken piccata that looks amazing.

The above shirt was on sale at anthropologie. Here is a similar one.

That's it - have a great, relaxing weekend.

Three good books

GDI - reading theberry

Here are three good books I've recently read. They are all the kind where you cannot wait until bedtime so you can turn on your lamp, curl up and read, read, read.

GDI - Orphan Train amazon

The Orphan Train. My mother in law lent me this one and it is so good. Plus, it has the added bonus of teaching you about this very weird, very true thing that happened in the early 19th century.

GDI - Book Thief amazon

The Book Thief. I found this at our little free library and then our babysitter - who also loves to read! - promised me I'd love it. I'm nearly finished & I can't help staying up until my eyes are closing trying to finish just one more chapter.

GDI - After Birth amazon

After Birth. This is a recommendation from Joanna on Cup of Jo and it did not disappoint. It's raw and incredible and genius. It also managed to be terrifically entertaining which is a difficult line to walk, don't you think? 

Any to add to the list? I'd love to stack my holds at the library full of good stuff :)

Top image credit: theberry.

The Rosé Test

GDI - boozy

I am over-the-moon excited about this article I wrote for vinepair

Vinepair is a newish website full of articles from How to Sabre a Bottle of Wine (something I've always wanted to do) to Dinner Party Wine Etiquette to How to Handle a Hangover at Work.

GDI - flowers

It's fun, it's not snobby & it's full of pretty pictures & ideas. I'd highly recommend it in your bookmarks.

GDI - whiskey baileys

I've had this idea about an article for Rosé since forever and it was such a cool experience to see it come to fruition. 

GDI - Bud wine humiliation

Cheers to a glass of wine tonight after work :)

Friday tidbits

GDI - 7.17.15

What will you do this weekend? Tomorrow one my best friends is coming to visit (!) and - if we can brave the heat - we might head to The Tasty Tomato Festival.

I hope you have a good weekend - full of food and rest. See you back here Monday. PS - I've ordered this wallpaper for our new half bath and hope to show before/after pictures soon!!

Inexpensive things to do with your kiddos here in Columbia. We're going to take a picnic to the Irmo splash pad today. 

Cute things for your kids.

A short yoga routine for at-home.

The Irish goodbye, FTW! I was famous for this in college.

A tube of orange paint leaks marigolds. This kind of art makes me so happy.

How a sideshow saved preemies, when hospitals couldn't.

I love, love, loved this Cup of Jo article on parenting in the Netherlands.

These balance bikes are, hands down, the best way to teach your kids to ride a bike. Bonus: no obnoxious training wheels & it's like magic how they transition to a real bike.

How to feed your weekend guests without spending all day in the kitchen.

Why you shouldn't necessarily travel to new places.

Happy weekend! xoxo

Have you ever been to a trampoline park?

GDI - Cutch trampoline park

Truett had two goals for this summer: go to a water park, & to the trampoline park (he found out about through a friend).

GDI - Truett trampoline park

We accomplished the water park in Alabama on our way to Texas, and then today (with his best buddy/cousin Cutchin visiting) we drove to the trampoline park. It was awesome.

GDI - June trampoline park smile

I'd never been to one and was amazed at the huge room with a floor entirely made of...trampolines! You could run up half walls and slide down, go through ropes courses filled with foam blocks below & jump off a trampoline ledge into a soft pit of foam.

GDI - trampoline park June

And, bonus, from 9-10 every morning they let the little ones play by themselves first - so we had the park to ourselves for the first hour!

GDI - trampoline park June rolls

It could quite possibly be the perfect place for kids to use up their energy, especially since we've been getting the hottest heat wave ever in all the land in all the time ;)

GDI - trampoline park Cutchin ropes

Have you ever been? Any other great summertime hot-as-hell activities you've tried? (As of now they are taking apart our living room couch. Awesome.)

GDI - June foam pit

Whipped cream espresso pops (for the grown ups)

GDI - whipped cream espresso pops

A few years ago I made these coffee popsicles, which were good - cold & grown up tasting. But then it occurred to me - I could make them creamier (think texture: ice cream v. popsicle) - if I used whipped cream as the base.

So yesterday I whipped up a batch of heavy cream, added a healthy bit of sugar & then carefully folded in about two shots of espresso. 

The mixture is a little soupy, but don't despair, it freezes well.

Be sure to let the coffee cool before you fold it into the cream. Gently spoon or pour into popsicle molds, let freeze and enjoy!

They are heavenly delicious. Cold, creamy & a little sweet. Imagine a strong coffee milkshake on a small, portable stick. Perfect!

(Be careful if you are caffeine-sensitive - I only eat these in the morning). 

DIY happy birthday flag

GDI - birthday flag 4

For Bud's birthday we had two small celebrations. One, a pool party in Texas and another, a dinner party with some of our close friends, here at the house when we got back.

GDI - birthday flag 3

As a simple, fun way to make it more festive - and get the kids in on the action - Truett, June & I made a painted happy birthday sign & strung it up at both parties :)

It was super easy & the kids loved making it. We can also tuck it away for the next birthday. 

GDI - birthday flag 2

We used card stock, letter stencils, paint/brushes & hemp string. Then we punched holes in the top, strung it together and stapled the flags together so they'd stay put.

GDI - Bud birthday flag

I love simple, homemade decorations. 

Please note the upside-down Y as we like to keep it real around here.

PS - handmade pinwheelsTruett's 5th birthday party & June's woodland fairy party.


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