GDI 2014 Holiday gift guide - ack!

GDI - gift guide photo

I COMPLETELY forgot about pulling together a gift guide this year! It's one of my favorite things to do, though, so if you're still interested, check back often because I'll be working double-time to put one together I can share with you before it's too, too late :)

In the meantime, here are some previous Christmas & holiday-time posts that I loved. xoxoo

A simple way to wrap all of your gifts. (I love white paper + twine).

Places to find beautiful holiday cards.

Our Christmas card picture when I was hugely pregnant with June.

Our DIY cards from last year & this year

Hot chocolate bar (the sweet invitation) & cocktail party, ideas.

Three simple meals for holidays guests.

And easy-peasy batch DIY gifts here, here & here.

Moves like Jagger

GDI - Truett Jagger

My girlfriend Miriam emailed me the other day to let me know a few things. One of them was that her friend had seen a picture of Truett, (the one at the bottom of this post), and remarked that Truett looked like Mick Jagger.

I told her, oddly enough, that wasn't the first time I'd heard that!

What'd you think? I snapped this photo of Truett this morning in the carpool line. I agree that with his floppy hair & smooshy little lips, he does sort of resemble the rock and roll star :)

Photo credit of Mick Jagger from

Friday tidbits


Today I am 34 years old. So far I've: run while listening to Serial, snuggled with Truett on the couch, grocery shopped alone, sung with June & opened a new yoga mat :) Bud stayed home for the day so it's been a wonderful, sweet time so far. I am profoundly (& cheesily) grateful for my life. 

Tonight we'll go over to our good friend and neighbor's house for her daughter's birthday party (we call each other soul sisters, and she is turning 7 today) and then have a potluck. 

What're you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it's great. xoxo

How to spice up your hot chocolate.

A bunny sized dinosaur. My mom sent me the article to share with Truett, who is obsessed with dinosaurs.

Richard the third's DNA reveals something scandalous.

A compelling short video

Cinque Terre on a Budget. (Or, let's be honest, a fun-to-read travel logue).

Early street style photos.

The Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog made me laugh. (Seriously, who spends that kind of money on those kinds of things?)

Benefits of a bilingual brain, infographic.

The bartender at the cocktail party was wearing this perfume and it is a beautiful scent.

Have a great weekend and see you back here Monday!

Hot chocolate bar

Grape Did It - hot chocolate labels

Last weekend we had our Christmas cocktail party (at my friend's house) and I, ahem, might've had a little too much fun (see picture below, rocking this red lipstick).

So for the kids we'll be having a cocoa & caroling party here at our house. Have you ever hosted one?

I'd like to keep it simple: big thermoses of hot chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows and bowls of candy. Chips for a salty balance?

GDI - hot chocolate bar

What'd you think? Upcycled Treasures (both pictures above) has some great ideas - and those are free printable labels!

Grape Did It - cocktail party Bud Hope

PS - do you have a funny or crazy holiday party story? I'd love to hear!

Pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday

GDI - TG mountains

For Thanksgiving we headed to my sister's house in the southwest, Virginia mountains. It is strikingly beautiful, and I loved having a cold Thanksgiving because it somehow feels more homey that way, don't you think? We even got a light dusting of snow one morning which was a ton of fun for the kids to see.

My family is now 20-strong: my parents, the four of us "kids", all of our spouses and then ten grandkids :) We had so much fun playing outside, cooking lots and lots of food and laughing in that way you only do with your family. 

Hope you had a great holiday and I've posted some pictures below, if you'd like to see.

GDI - TG apple pie

GDI - TG Aurelia kiss

GDI - TG blue sky

GDI - TG bridge

GDI - TG horses

GDI - TG June

GDI - TG kids selfie

GDI - TG place setting

GDI - TG Porter steering wheel

GDI - swinging bridge 3

GDI - TG Syperts

A couple of notes: that swinging bridge was terrifying, but Truett and I walked across it anyway (or perhaps because) & I found selfies of the kids days later. 

Friday tidbits


I am excited for this weekend. The kids have two birthday parties tomorrow & then their babysitter will show up so we can attend our cocktail party. This morning I hit up Trader Joe's for appetizers & sparkling wine :)

What will you be doing this weekend? 

Let's do a few fun links & see you back here Monday (I'll be posting Thanksgiving pictures).

New parenting study released. Nails it.

Have you seen these pictures of a little girl named Tippy?

Thanksgiving Fails. Made me laugh.

Pretty color block sheath dress, on sale.

Charts for people obsessed with Serial. Have you been following? Who do you think did it?

You don't have to kiss grandma. I think this is so important. 

Effortless & sexy jeans.

I'm glad my sisters are my best friends and here's why.

Isn't this a beautiful way to house a home bar?

Snow globe terrariums.

You poked my heart. Crushingly sweet.

xoxo have a fabulous weekend!

A beautiful illustration & invitation

Grape Did It - cocoa party invitation

This weekend is our big Christmas cocktail party! It probably calls me out that I'm this excited - stay at home mom! Cocktail party! EXCITED!!! - but I confess, I can't wait to get dressed up and clink glasses with friends. 

When we were brainstorming, we decided to make this a no-child party. It's rare - read: never - that we do this kind of thing, it's almost always movies & pizza for the kids while the parents sit in another room and drink wine, chat & act like goofs, or just a free-for-all with the kids in the yard and us trying to hold a conversation punctuated with cries like, "I SAID PLEASE DON'T,"

But, we didn't want the kids to miss out on the festivities entirely, and so we planned a cocoa + caroling party for later this month. I plan to load the table up with hot chocolate, candy canes & marshmallows & then afterwards we'll walk around the neighborhood singing to our friends. 

My good friend Liz, & her husband Brian, are both artists and agreed to create the invitation for this party. Can you believe what they did? So gorgeous. I keep pestering them to open an etsy shop :) Sigh. I think I'm going to frame a copy. (Update: Brian agreed I could link to his website here & they are working on an etsy shop!)

Grape Did It - cocoa party invitation 2

PS - the bright red lipstick I plan to wear to the cocktail party.

Bustdino to the rescue

Truett is Bustdino. Seriously.


Truett is Bustdino from Elizabeth Sypert on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sypert family

Grape Did It - TG mountains

We're here in the chilly mountains of Virginia (we got a dusting of snow last night!). It's beautiful, and the house is filled with kids, the smell of food cooking, wine & laughter. I am feeling incredibly grateful for my huge, wild family and all of the wonderful things in our life. I am also grateful for this glass of red wine ;)

My wish for you, all of you, is lots of good food, a warm glow from the friends and family around you, and a heart full of love.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxoxox 

Grape Did It - Syperts TG

PS - How 10 famous artists would plate Thanksgiving.

My favorite winter lipstick

Grape Did It - infrared lipstick

In December, my girlfriends and I are hosting a Christmas cocktail party (the signature cocktail we're hoping to make :) I'm super excited, and can't wait to get all dressed up for a grown-up party. 

But because the holidays are full of travel, and gifts, and parties, I decided to wear an lbd I have stowed away in my closet, instead of buying something new. I rarely get to wear it, and it's got a little sparkle at the throat. 

I decided instead to splurge on a new lipstick. Less expensive and packs a big punch (plus I can wear it all winter).

I went to Ulta yesterday and tried on three different colors. One was too pink, one was too orange, and the other was...perfect!

Grape Did It - winter lipstick color

It's called Infrared and it's by Smashbox.

When I was younger I wasn't brave enough to wear bright lipsticks, now I absolutely love the way they brighten your face and make any outfit look effortlessly pretty. 

Grape Did It - infrared lipstick by Smashbox

PS - my favorite bright pink lipstick


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