Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 9.19.14

In just a few hours I'll be driving Ella & my kids to Kingsland, Georgia, to meet up with my parents & hand over the sweet kitten we recently adopted. Tonight we'll stay in a hotel, swim in the pool & then eat breakfast together (a conversation with Truett & Ella, "I LOVE staying in hotels. Will we have a free breakfast? I love free breakfasts. Will there be waffles?! Is there a pool?" So cute.

Have a great weekend & see you back here next week!

This no-churn ice cream recipe by (of course) Nigella Lawson, is the recipe I've been searching for my whole life. 

The best southern breakfasts

Weird things all couples fight about. Yup.

The benefits of reading slowly.

Hilarious & true, David Sedaris on mood lighting.

An alarm clock that brews you your first cup of coffee.

Sweet or scary? Skeletons holding hands after 700 years

Cute vintage short-sleeve pajama set, on sale at JCrew.

This home in Aspen makes me want to rent a cozy cabin & hole up for a week. (Love, love the red paint on the outside of the window frames).

That's it - happy reading & happy weekend! xo

A few more beach pictures


Our talented friend Phil snapped some pictures of us on the beach - hopefully for our Christmas card - but there were a few that were so cute I thought I'd share them here. 


I LOVE this picture of June.


Trust the kids to pose nicely.

The last beach trip of the summer

Grape Did It - Folly 9.13.14

We had a warm, splashy, wonderful time at the beach this weekend and I feel so grateful we got to sneak in this last trip of the summer :)

I was searching my mind for my favorite part - impossible, really - but decided perhaps it was when I was doing beach yoga with my friend and a tiny crab scuttled across my towel.

Or when Truett said he wished we could live at the beach.

Or watching June play in the tidal pools.

Or watching the sunrise off the deck with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Or the drive home, when Bud & I got punchy and began making stupid married jokes.

Here are some pictures, if you're curious. xo

(top picture of the big piece of linen fabric I now use for practically everything)

Grape Did It - beach bag Folly 9.14

Grape Did It - Bud ocean Folly 9.14

Grape Did It - Folly 9.14 2

Grape Did It - Folly 9.14 reading

Grape Did It - Folly 9.14

Grape Did It - Folly sunrise 9.14

Grape Did It - sailboat Folly 9.14

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - Manger Mimi Thorisson

We're on our way to the beach in a few hours and what I want more than anything is to just wake up, have coffee, & sit by the water watching the kids splash around.

Here's to a great weekend, whatever you do, and here are some fun or interesting links I found this week.

Dreadnoughtus takes the title of largest terrestrial animal. And he was still growing, whoa.

Our year without groceries is inspiring, would you try it?

This cedar chicken coop with planter, from William Sonoma, is gorgeous. 

Some easy & healthy school lunch ideas. Also, what French kids eat at school (will make you want to move to France).  

The history of pimento cheese.

I love this quote by Nigella Lawson.

Animals who accidentally saw you naked, made me laugh.

Perfect tshirt for teaching french.

Pretty pictures of Norway. Wanderlust.

That's it - have a fabulous weekend & I'll be back next week with our travel photos!

Photo credit Manger by Mimi Thorisson who's website is both beautiful & inspiring.

My five travel essentials

Grape Did It - Folly beach sunrise

Tomorrow we'll leave for one last beachy trip to Folly. I'm looking forward to yoga on the beach & our last dips in the ocean for the year. 

Here are five things I'm taking with me.

Ever since I got the Everlane Weekender bag for Christmas a couple of years ago, it has traveled with me everywhere. It's roomy & small at the same time and, if the trip is only a few days long, I can cram enough clothes in there for me & the kids.

Grape Did It - Everlane Weekender

Sleeveless striped dress from Target. I'd love to wear it on the beach, watching the sunset & sipping a glass of wine. 

Grape Did It - Target, striped dress

Hear me out on this one. I usually grab a tub of Cetaphil & slather it all over my body. I kind of eye-roll at the posts all over the internet where a person's getting ready routine includes, like, ten products. I'm a lotion, mascara & blush kind of girl. BUT, I recently discovered this CeraVe overnight face cream and I have to admit I...kind of love it. It's super gentle, but I wake up looking refreshed.

DIY bugspray. It also smells so nice, you could use it as a pillow spray to make you feel more at home.

Grape Did It - linen throw

A giant piece of striped linen I bought as a tablecloth but has since become: a beach throw, a picnicblanket and even sometimes an actual tablecloth. I love the frayed edges and the vintage feel of linen.

Do you have a travel beloved(s)?

Our first french lesson

Grape Did It - classroom

Yesterday we had our first french lessons in our newly minted classroom!

Grape Did It - french class June

I'm teaching with my brilliant & fluent friend Liz and it was so much fun. 

We colored vocab cards & then strung them together so each child could bring home a little book. We had snack & named animals during circle time, and we danced & sang :)

Grape Did It - fox classroom

My friend Liz's husband Brian, is a professional painter and so, no big deal, made us these darling watercolors - a whale wearing a beret & a little fox, since we named our school L'ecole de Petit Renard (Little Fox French School). 

Grape Did It - french class whale

Next week we hope to learn all about food through painting, eating and, of course, singing. Thanks to everyone for such a sweet, fantastic afternoon. 

Grape Did It - french class Phoebe Wahl

PS - the school sign itself is art by Phoebe Wahl, who is amazing by the way. 

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 9.5.14

What are you cats up to this weekend? We brought our feral cat (Samantha) home a few minutes ago and the people at the Humane Society said she's friendly (probably because we've been feeding her since she was born)! So we'll set up a temporary home in the guest room & then see if we can socialize her. 

I'm also gearing up for our after school French classes to begin Monday afternoon. I'm so excited! 

Let's do a few links & see you back here next week.

Here's a lodge where you can learn pottery, print-making & be a part of preparing a farm-to-table dinner.

27 books parents should read to their children. What a pleasure.

Jimmy Fallon does vocal impressions with Adam Levine & it's amazing.

A sweet feral cat story from Blacksburg, VA (go Hokies!)

Our year without groceries. Fascinating (and kind of makes me want to try).

Different ideas for open shelving, and you know I love open shelving.

Pack a picnic for a fall day trip. Which reminds me of the 5 things I'd like to do this fall.

I A.DORE. these surprisingly affordable ballet flats.

Floating lanterns (and their history).

And, finally, strawberries and cream with graham crumbles

That's it! Have an abso-bloody-lutely fabulous weekend!

Five things I'd love to do this fall

Grape Did It - pumpkins

What's on your fall list?

Travel: go apple & pumpkin picking & camping in teepees.

Grape Did It - camping

Cook: hot apple cider with rum, pumpkin muffins & roast marshmallows outside.

Grape Did It - fresh bread

Eat: at The American Grocery in Greenville, SC, after a brisk bike ride (I've heard they have amazing bike trails).

Grape Did It - rider boots

Poke around: The Storybook Shoppe which looks like a literal dream come to life.

Wear: soft, cozy scarves, zip up my trusty rider boots & drink hot coffee on the front stoop wrapped in a warm blanket.

I'd love to add to this list - ideas?

Saving Eliza bake sale & lemonade stand

Grape Did It - cookie dough

Yesterday we held a community lemonade stand and bake sale. I put it together last minute, so I am exceptionally grateful to the people who came out in the three-thousand degree weather, brought goodies & bought goodies :)

Here are a few pictures. And, ps, if you like almond, adding almond flavor to a sugar cookie recipe makes them absobloodylutely amazing.

Grape Did It - heart cookie

Also, if you have kids, this is a wonderful way to teach them about giving back, all the while baking cookies & chatting with neighbors. Not too shabby.

If you do host a Saving Eliza lemonade stand, let me know & send me pictures! I'd LOVE to see and hear about it.

Click here to donate to Saving Eliza & check out the #sing2lines #savingeliza challenge on facebook.

Grape Did It - donation jar

Like the baby potty in the background? Keeping it classy over here.

Friday tidbits

Grape Did It - 8.29.14

How is your weekend shaping up?

I'm having wine and lemon cake tonight with a couple of my favorite people :) and then getting our little french classroom ready tomorrow (chairs & table above, freshly painted!).

(Sidenote, a fluent speaking friend of mine has agreed to help me teach after-school french lessons on Monday afternoons. We have about 3 spots left to round out a small class. Email me if you'd like an information & enrollment package).

Ok, let's do some links and have a fantastic weekend! See you back here Monday.

13 surprising things about parenting in Turkey. I loved this one so much.

Good news & good news.

Mary Poppins watercolor. Would be perfect for a nursery.

An affordable wine club that delivers a new wine to your doorstep every month.

Sweet note I found on an evening walk in our neighborhood.

Last minute Labor Day getaways.

A backyard picnic. (Tip: I bought a large piece of linen this summer that works perfectly for a picnic, beach blanket or tablecloth. I would highly recommend just choosing your favorite fabric & buying a large swath.)

I like this little girl.

Wow. MSG isn't actually bad for you.

15 Bohemian kitchens. OH MY GAH I love them so much.

Lemon rosemary coffee cake. I'm thinking picnic brunch, fall, late morning. Mm, yes please.

That's it! See you foxes next week!


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