Kind of homemade ice cream sandwiches

GDI - ice cream sandwich

On July 4th my parents brought over three big boxes of cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin & sugar. Of course they were delicious, but since we forgot to bring them up to the party at the park, we had TONS leftover. I didn't want to chunk them in the trash, so I bought a carton of ice cream and scooped messy bits onto a cookie, & then topped with another cookie.

For a hipster look I wrapped them in wax paper & tied with black & white twine :)

In other news, we're finishing our last two days of camp for this summer &, along with all of the other life stuff (more on that later) I feel like the summer is vanishing. So much so that in a dream last night when I complained about being busy, some super-cool girl turned to me and said with a half-smile, "Yes, tell us something interesting that not EVERYONE else feels," Ouch. 


The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum

Asylum 33


Ever since we moved here five years ago, I've hoped to take pictures of the mostly-abandoned mental hospital downtown. 

Asylum 36

(I think this was a cafe/cantina)

Since then, the property has been sold to a developer. You can read about those details here. Thankfully, some of the bigger historic buildings will be integrated into the development.

Asylum 2

The building of the Asylum began in 1821. At the time if was called the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum. It eventually became the South Carolina State Hospital & housed much of the Department of Mental Health (there are still working offices on parts of the grounds).

Asylum 5

What's fascinating about this piece of architectural history is that the Asylum became a small town unto itself. It housed a bakery, a library, a mini-farm, a chapel & a cantina. It also had its own morgue (photo directly below). 

Asylum 6

One of the buildings - the Trezevant building - was named after a doctor Trezevant. According to Wikipedia:

"South Carolina Lunatic Asylum head physician Dr. Trezevant successfully argued that the staggering of blocks would not allow the ventilation needed for the warm southern climate. However, against Trezevant's wishes, the halls were built in a double-range, with rooms on either side of the hallway."

Asylum Trezevant building

There was a research project done by students from the university of South Carolina, called Bull Street: A Forgotten Past and Uncertain Future

Asylum 11

The student research exhibit does include a full-body straight jacket & an electroshock device.

One thing to note, though, South Carolina was one of the first states to become interested in mental health, and try to implement a state-funded hospital guided towards healing. As a personal aside: I think the problem was less with intention (as is almost always the case) and mostly with the principle that an institution - in this case the state - could better care for individuals who were sick, than could the families of the patients. At first the asylum was not popular because most families chose to care for their ailing at home. 

Asylum 29

Interestingly, the asylum became nearly self-sufficient. The farm supplied wheat for baking bread (there was a bakery), there was a hog farm for meat & even its own dairy. 

The Chapel of Hope remains one of my favorite buildings. 

GDI - asylum Chapel of Hope

Here is a documentary SCETV produced that I'm keen to watch & here is a good spot for seeing indoor pictures of the facilities.

Asylum 9

I was only able to take pictures from the outside (a few times I put my camera up to the window and was able to get a good picture of the inside of a building).

Towards the end of taking pictures, a security guard called out to me & told me I was not able to take pictures. She was very friendly, & we chatted a bit. She even pointed out the building that used to be the morgue and gave me contact information for the developers, but I'm pretty sure the window for tours are over now. In fact I read a few blogs that said photographers were even asked to erase their memory cards after taking pictures.

Asylum 12

Asylum 10

Asylum 25

Asylum 26

Asylum 21

Asylum 23

Asylum 14

Asylum 38

Asylum 17

Asylum 35

The last pictures from our trip to Williamsburg

GDI - June in tree CW

Change of plans. I'd intended on posting the pictures I took at the asylum yesterday, but I realized I'd like to do more research into the asylum's history before I post the article. 

That, combined with the fact that I'd never posted our last vacation pictures, and I thought I'd do that today & share the asylum pictures next week, once I've had time to do more research. 

GDI - CW Mama bear shirt

Georgia brought us these t shirts. Best shirt ever.

GDI - CW workout goat

I worked out twice while on vacation, and so I had to document my workout. I call it Live Working Out. Here's a show about rogue goats I am not kidding.

GDI - chapel in Jamestown

Most of the rest of these photos are from a trip Truett & I took to Jamestown. It was SO HOT, and a little kitschy, but it did spark a lot of good conversation, especially since it was just the two of us.

GDI - hoop game Jamestown

GDI - dug out canoe Jtown

GDI - musket CW Jamestown

There was one rooster that was missing quite a few feathers on his head. I remarked to Truett that chickens will sometimes do that - bully each other. I think it was a mistake because days later he wanted to know why Jamestown hadn't removed that chicken to a safer place. Obv this guy below was not bullied.

GDI - rooster Jamestown

A ship's bust.

GDI - Truett Jamestown ship mast

GDI - totem pole Jtown

Truett tried on armor. Back in the day you could not leave the settlement without wearing full armor. 

GDI - Truett armor

An image from my dad's birthday party. We made a huge dinner: fried chicken, cornbread, biscuits, beans, mashed potatoes, and two big cakes for dessert from this bakery.

GDI - dad's birthday party CW

And this. These two. Cutchin & Truett, who have been best buddies since before they can even remember. 

GDI - cousins CW

Have you ever ridden on a pedal parlor?

GDI - pedal parlor

Or party bike or beer bike? I think they have lots of different names.

For Bud's birthday, I surprised him with a pub crawl by SC Pedal Parlor. Because there were going to be several of us, I went ahead and booked the entire bike.

Friday afternoon Bud came home early (I did tell him he had to be home early). After I told him to wear shorts he looked at me kind of funny,

"I think I know where we're going,"

"You DO?!"

"Yeah. Is it the zoo?"

"Um. Yes. Yes it is the zoo."

"Thanks for remembering, that was like two years ago."

"I have a good memory,"

GDI - pedal parlor Erica Patti Sabrina

EXCEPT I DON'T. I had no idea what he was talking about and just played along. Finally, as we drove downtown to the meeting spot, he figured out we weren't actually going to the zoo and it occurred to me what he thought we were doing - the zoo has a cool ropes course he'd admired years before.

We met up with all of our friends in a parking lot and rode the bike for two hours with stops along the way for refreshments - mostly beer :)

GDI - rooftop view

(view from the rooftop bar stop)

The most fun part of the ride was how it felt like being a celebrity. People got out of their cameras and took pictures, we waved as people honked, & one huge fire truck gave us a loud honk as they drove by.

It was so much fun & not terribly expensive - for smaller groups, people can pay a la carte, but I think you do have to have at least 6 people in order to have a tour at all.

Have you ever done something like this? I think Bud was totally surprised and we got to have a nutty-fun night with some of our best friends.

GDI - pedal parlor Bud

Have a happy Friday

GDI - Friday peonies

What will you do this weekend? It's been SO HOT here so we will likely spend a lot of time indoors & possibly go to my parent's pool. 

Have a good weekend & stay cool :)

I loved this interview with Ulla Johnson. Her designs are so airy and pretty, and her family life seems so sweet. 

Good picks if you're hunting for shorts & I thought her comments on high-waisted cutoffs hilarious.

Oh my gosh, this idea of how to show a before/after. Drag the cursor back and forth. Brilliant!

Mimi Thorisson workshops in 2017!

On...Shit I know for Sure. I 💕 Gemma Burgess.

What to read, watch, listen to this month. I'm reading Delicious! by Ruth Reichl - it's a perfect summertime read. 

Is pasta back?!

Also on goodnewsnetwork - I sometimes get a touch of vertigo - so this natural way to treat it was a breath of fresh air to read.

Baking with Toddlers: Banana Oat Drops. Excited to try these with the kids!

Pretty, simple & small, this white leather handbag is on my covet list. 

A kimchi cocktail...hmmm.

This quote spoke to me this week.


My five favorite places to eat in Columbia

GDI - Blue Cactus UO

My good friend Miriam is visiting and so we've been hitting up a few restaurants while she's here (also see: taking June to the doctor, & getting my car towed, so, not ALL fun & games ;)

Last night we parked our cars legally and walked through Five Points to Blue Cactus Cafe. It's one of my favorite places to take out of towners. It's Korean meets tex mex meets greasy spoon. It's not perfect, the booths are kind of falling apart - seriously, June grabbed a purse hook & fell to the ground - but the kimchi is spicy, delicious and authentic. The sticky rice is yummy & the Bee Bim Bob + Bul Go Gee are both go-to orders for us. 

GDI - Saludas opentable

If we're looking to act all fancy and stuff, we'll take someone to Saluda's. It's just around the corner from Blue Cactus and sits perched over Five Points. I always order the duck and it is always delicious. (I think it's seasonal but whenever I've been there it's on the menu).

You can people watch over the balcony if you sit outside, and I can think of nothing more pleasant than whiling away an evening sitting on a balcony, eating good food, sipping white wine & watching people meander by below.

If you don't want to blow your budget, this would be a good place to order drinks + appetizers and forego the entrees.

GDI - Hunter Gatherer flickr

If we're looking for a mid-priced restaurant with good beer & local flavor, we hit up Hunter-Gatherer Brewery. It's basically a gastro pub in an old brick building. It's the one place Bud & I can almost always agree on. I always think of it as our first good food experience in Columbia. Casual enough for an old married couple to run to dinner, cool enough for a first date. Bud loves a gnocchi dish that isn't on the menu right now, but it changes four time a year.

GDI - Cafe Strudel zomato

Best breakfast or brunch has to be Cafe Strudel. It gets super-crowded on weekends & it's across the river - I have an issue with driving more than a few miles - so we don't go often but when we do it's worth it. Yummy biscuits & coffee and hilariously named Hangover Hashbrowns.

GDI - White Duck Taco Martha Stewart

One of our newer finds is called White Duck Taco Shop. They serve interesting combination tacos (note: Bud did not like one of the non-traditional tacos he ordered) & real, cold margaritas. There is also a grassy spot right across the street where you can send your kiddos to play while you chat with the grown-ups. 

Anything to add?

(image credit here, here, here, here & here)

Happy hangover day

GDI - 4th of July

Whew. What a fun day. We spent our afternoon up at the park with neighbors while the kids splashed around at the splash pad. Then we came home & did fireworks. I drank way too much wine. It was a good day. Hope yours was too, & Happy belated 4th!

GDI - Truee & Maggie

Truett with one of his very first friends, our neighbor Maggie.

Friday tidbits

GDI - CW kids on ferry

Good Friday morning! These summer days all blur together since there is little difference between a summertime weekday & a summertime weekend day. Much like being a parent, it's all smooshed together - the work & the fun :)

Here are some fun links for your weekend & I'll also finish posting travel pictures next week. We had the most glorious vacation in Williamsburg and I am just sad it's over. Ah well. It's nice to be home, too.

I love this idea for allowance.

Adnan's getting a new trial!

Are you short on cash? Do you still want a pretty home? A dozen DIYs to brighten your home. I especially love the textile wall hanging.

If you're curious, this is where we stayed while in Williamsburg and I would highly recommend it.

Sleeping with your babies in Thailand because DUH.

Two paths to business success. 💕

What is lightning? Asked by Truett, answered by the almighty internet.

Glamping in Mexico. Yes, please.

Paste this infographic in your laundry room.

I'm on the hunt for a beautiful keepsake box. This one is lovely. Or, I might just re-purpose one of my dad's cigar boxes.

I have not only watched this fifty times, I keep pressing the 40 - 45 seconds for my kids. Over & over. I need it saved on my phone.

After our vacation, I'm dying for a main floor laundry. Probably not in this house, but maybe a goal for the next.

I bought this skirt in cream and love it. You can add just about any shirt and it's perfect for beach, date night, or hollering at your kids that you cannot be expected to entertain them all summer ;)

I'm in a cooking rut, especially when it comes to feeding the kids. I'll be hitting this list up often this summer.

Lastly, I give you quotes by Truett as I try to blog.

What would happen if a Cheetah married a lion? You'd get a spotted lion that could run as fast 70 mph.

What do you think you would call it? A cheeto.

What if a lamp and a bed married? You'd get a light up bed.

Can you read to me?

Then he slammed the vacuum cleaner head against the window where I'm working and hollered from outside CAN YOU READ TO ME?

xoxo see you next week.

PS - kids on the ferry from Jamestown.

Colonial Williamsburg - pictures from our trip so far

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg tree house

We got here Saturday evening to tons of screaming cousins (I'd like to wear a big sign around my neck while walking through the resort that reads YOU'RE WELCOME). 

The first full day here I hit up the JCrew Factory store and found a bunch of clothes that make me feel happy & summery :) then we chilled by the pool where there's a bar & you can charge drinks to your room. WIN.

Yesterday we did Colonial Williamsburg to the predictable grumbling of the older kids, Truett's favorite refrain was, can we go back to the hotellll? But we otherwise had a fantastic time. The kids got to try their hand (feet) at making bricks - colonial style - and loved watching the big horse drawn carriages clip clop by. The candle maker was a hit, & the huge loom for making bolts of cloth was mesmerizing. It makes me wish I had a real craft :)

Here are a bunch of pictures I took - and instagrammed - if you're curious. 

I keep trying to show up on #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

GDI - Colonial Wiliamsburg Ihavethisthingwithfloors

My swishy new summer clothes.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg clothes JCrew

My brother brought us all a bunch of Cokes from Mexico because, duh, everyone knows those are better.

GDI - Cokes from Mexico

Brick makers. The real ones - colonial - were slaves, children & convicts. Not paid. 14 - 15 hours a day. 

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg brick makers

My kids stomping in the brick clay.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg mud stomping

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg mud bricks kids

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg garden

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg gate ball chain

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg laundry

For my mother in law, who's maiden name is Pitt.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg Pitt

June told me yesterday that she, "loves this little British town," 

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg shoes

These two are so close.

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg trolly bus

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg girls stickers

Hope you're having a great week & be back soon! xo

Friday tidbits

GDI - Colonial Williamsburg

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow we leave for Williamsburg, Virginia, to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday! I'm really looking forward to eating cake from the Blackbird Bakery, showing the kids Colonial Jamestown, & maybe even doing a ghost tour! Also tea! They have tea at the Terrace, Williamsburg, Inn.

Ok, let's do some links & we'll be off!

If you're looking for something cool to do here in Columbia, Roy Lynch park in Elmwood just had a major overhaul & is supposed to be awesome. Game board splash pad, boulders for climbing & a 60 foot zip line. Go Columbia!

Forest schools because DUH!

Go to the Limits of Your Longing, by Rainer Maria Rilke. Someone recently posted this on Facebook & I found it so moving. 

On raising a wild one. I loved this perspective & have to remind myself of this as I constantly try to hem Truett in.

Wow, my links seem parent-heavy today, but The Parenting Magic Word was a wonderfully helpful article to read. Also, not reading articles is wonderful.

I love the idea of sliding doors in small space in this very pretty apartment tour.

Georgia's father-in-law (how's that for a title?) gave me a bit of mint last year. It has exploded in one of my little garden beds. Here are 10 Recipes That Use Fresh Mint so I can actually begin to cull it a little.

Check out this amazing vertical farm in NYC.

Which 90's leading lady are you? I got Kat Stratford. I feel oddly good about this, and Ten Things I Hate About You was easily one of my favorite 90's movies. I'm having major 90's nostalgia. Oh my God, rabbit hole.

I'm off! Have a great weekend, see you next week with travel photos :)

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