Crispy cheesy pita bread with egg & greens

GDI - thekitchn pita egg

This would make an excellent quick weeknight dinner or sumptuous lunch for the weekends (with crisp white wine).

This doesn't really require a recipe, but I'll tell you the steps.

Take a large pita bread, cover lightly with grated cheddar, or thin-sliced cheddar.

Next, crack an egg on top & sprinkle with salt & pepper, to taste.

Put in a preheated, 375 degree oven & cook for ten or so minutes (depending on how you like your egg).

Pile high with your favorite mix of greens. Another yummy option: add chopped spicy sausage. 

What do you reach for on a busy night?

Also, an easy weekday breakfast.

(image via thekitchn 17 Easy Breakfast Recipes with Eggs)

Friday tidbits

GDI - Friday 1.23.15

Happy Friday! Tonight we're going to our neighbor's for dinner. The hygge challenge has been loads of fun (an update here) and it gives us a ready-made excuse to have long dinners with friends :)

The kids LOVE it. Truett was skipping around the house this morning saying, "are we going to Liz's for dinner?"

What are you up to this weekend? I'd love to hear. 

Let's do some links & see you back here next week

Currently snacking on these dark chocolate honey mints from Trader Joe's. They are so good.

I once got a rake and I killed a snowman. Laughing out loud.

An argument for having a third child. Refreshing.

What happens to a woman's brain when she becomes a mother.

A dramatically different take on the cause of addiction. I suspect this'll be the research of the future.

How to conduct a life story interview.

More fairytale pictures from Manger. That house! That food!

A missing parrot switches languages.

24 diagrams for eating simple + well.

Coveting this fox mug.

I love this cheerful & realistic apartment tour (of a family of five in a two bedroom apartment!)

that's it! xoxo

June's 3rd birthday party invitations

GDI - June's 3rd birthday invitation

June will turn 3 (!!) on February third. We chatted about it & decided on a woodland fairy theme. I think Truett & I are more excited than June is, to be honest.

I'm hoping to make a buche de noel and a vanilla cake. We'll add woodsy animals to each cake and create a little magical forest. 

Once again, our sweet friend Brian agreed to sketch an invitation that I painted and copied on cardstock. I wrote the details on the back and Truett cut them all out. Yesterday we rode bikes to drop them off at friend's houses.

I love the invites & am so excited for her party. We'll make magic wands & bring big branches into the dining room to create a magial forest feeling. Any other genius ideas? 

PS - June's miniature kite invitations & Truett's 4th birthday

A trip to the Congaree

Grape Did It - Congaree trees

On Friday Bud came home a little bit early & we packed the kids and the canoe into the truck for a day trip to the Congaree National Park. It's full of bald cypress & Spanish moss, and you can float in the flooded area right now. 

Grape Did It - Congaree 500 yr cypress

We navigated between the trees, yelling out to hear our echoes. The thing that surprised me most was the absolute silence you could hear when I shushed everybody for a minute. Not even birds singing.

Grape Did It - Congaree fungus

We paddled around a 500 year old cypress stump, and tied bright pink flagging every so often so we could find our way back. 

Grape Did It - Congaree 1

It was beautiful & something I highly recommend if you're in this area. 

Grape Did It - Congaree zonked

Zonked out on the way home.

Friday tidbits

GDI - 1.16.15

Are you glad it's Friday? We're going canoeing today & then hoping to do some DIY around the house. And tonight, having some friends over for a spaghetti dinner, inspired by this post

A recipe for a cozy hot toddy.

Leave your kids alone

Artist reincarnates recently deceased father in sculpture. This is amazing.

21 surprising parenting tips. I love the sock assignments. 

A ghostly image from the Ming Dynasty.

A pretty before and after kitchen.

Have you heard of homepolish? It's an affordable way to get help with your home design.

Would you drink bulletproof coffee? My neighbor's make it for me sometimes & it's really good & keeps you full for hours.

Lastly, here is the recipe for the famous meatballs, if you're working on some hygge yourself :)

Have a great weekend & see you back here next week!

An update on the hygge challenge

GDI - Kinfolk Hygge

If you're participating, how is your hygge challenge going? Isn't it fun just to dream up ways to feel cozy & connected?

Since beginning this challenge last week, I've been lighting candles almost every night at dinner, Bud & I cozied up with a glass of red wine and the new Downton Abbey & I shamelessly invited us over to dinner at our neighbor's house for this Thursday (hi Jane!). We'll bring wine and dessert, they'll have carbonara (how yummy does that sound?)

I'm also fascinated by this family's Friday Night Meatball ritual. Wouldn't that be something warm and fun to look forward to all week?

I'm reading this really good novel called The Home Place.

And the cherry on top - I've started a book club. We'll meet for the first time in February (reading this book) and share brunchy food, gossip and, of course, some book talk.

Have you done anything cozy, fun, friendship-y?

PS - my sisters and I are also putting together a girls' trip complete with an in-room massage and cocktails. :) 

(image via Kinfolk - also includes a good article on office hygge)

A baking fail

GDI - buche de Noel 1

I decided to make a buche de Noel for French class today for two reason: 1. it's just past the holidays and I thought the kiddos would get a kick out of the cake and the culture lesson 2. June's birthday is in a few weeks & we've decided to do a woodland fairy theme, so this could be a practice cake. Win-win.

Except it ended up kind of looking like a pinterest fail. Ha.

GDI - buche de Noel 3

Luckily, over the years and years of cooking failures I've had the pleasure of making, I've noted two things. You can almost always fix am in-the-moment disaster (I thank my mother for this super helpful lesson) and two, there's nearly nothing big blobs of chocolate whipped cream can't fix.

Happy Monday - hope you have a good laugh :)

GDI - buche de Noel 2

Friday tidbits

GDI - 1.9.15

What are you doing this cold January weekend? I have plans for yoga & meeting a friend for lunch. And, funny story: Monday morning Truett got in our bed to snuggle, rolled over and said, "when is my weekend?" Coming back from holiday is hard. 

Let's do some links - I've found some amazing ones this week - and see you back here next week.

Incredible underground rooms dug out of sandstone (by one man!)

We made this lemon cake for my mother in law's visit & frosted it with raspberry buttercream frosting.

Gorgeous ideas for a small bathroom.

Ah, one of the things I miss about having co-workers are the punchy late-afternoons that inspire crazy work.

Some book recommendations, if you're on the hunt.

Have you ever seen this trick for cutting a bunch of grapes in half at once? Holy cow.

A simple ring.

Take a cooking class in Medoc, France. One day...

A fascinating Renaissance-Era mystery.

Are you doing the Hygge Challenge? I'll update you on mine next week. 

Will you see this movie?

It looks amazing & beautiful. I'm looking forward to it. 

A New Year's challenge

GDI - hygge 3

Have you heard of the Danish term Hygge (pronounced hYOOguh)?

It's described as, "the art of building sanctuary and create well-being, connection and warmth...celebrating the everyday."

I first read about this concept a little before Christmas, and was intrigued. In Denmark, a country highly, and consistently rated for happiness, people practice a unique form of well-being, particularly during their long & dark winters.

GDI - hygge 2

They might wrap up in a blanket in front of a fire, share a glass of wine with friends and loved ones, or light a bunch of candles & enjoy a quiet dinner. It's a form of coziness, but coziness in the psychological and physical form. 

So. I thought I'd start my own version of Hygge & try to practice it weekly. Would you like to join me?

This week - if Bud will play along - I'd love to light a million (okay, maybe ten) candles, have a glass of red wine & watch the newest episode of Downton Abbey (!)

What will you do? 

Some other ideas: a long winter walk with a friend, Facetiming with a family member & a cup of coffee (we do this one all the time), hot cocoa, twinkly lights & a favorite book. I'd love to hear your ideas. 

GDI - Hygge 1

(images courtesy DarkRye)


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