Simple, chewy beignets that melt in your mouth

French 3.23.15 3

Monday, for French class, we made beignets with the kiddos. They were surprisingly easy to make (June & I made the dough ahead of time) and the kids loved cutting out dough squares and then - once I fried them - shaking them in bags of powdered sugar. 

This is the recipe I used - loosely - but I chunked in a little extra yeast. And instead of bothering with making raspberry sauce, I just put out little dishes of jam. 

This would make a sweet weekend morning breakfast, complete with coffee, fruit and a little bit of sharp cheese. 

French 3.23.15 4

A glimpse of June

June and I spend most mornings singing, joking & going back and forth, like this. 


June & mama from Elizabeth Sypert on Vimeo.

Friday tidbits

GDI - 3.20.15

Georgia and Aurelia left this morning ): I honestly could not stop smooching little Aurelia because I SO didn't want them to go. Last night Truett insisted on putting on her diaper & very gently putting her into her pajamas too.

This weekend Truett's got a soccer game & I've got book club (we just finished reading this book and it was so. good.) I'd also love to do some cooking. Hope you have a great weekend & see you back here next week.

Loving this shower curtain (and tub, for that matter).

The secret to less stress.

The Tracker: Dwight McCarter. I couldn't stop reading this article.

The Berry Clafoutis we made in French class on Monday. It comes out somewhere between a pie and a pudding & is delicious.

A pretty kitchen towel.

Have you seen this freestyle treadmill workout? Ha.

The perfect maxi dress to wear all summer.

A way to travel the world through food (at home).

There is no proper english.

Teach your children how to approach dogs.

Personality test based on your name. I did it and it is CRAZY interesting. How accurate is yours?

Cool bunk bed.

PS - Georgia, you steal my instagram account, you get put on my blog. 

See you next week!

A day in the life of

June & Aurelia...

GDI - Aurelia sink

GDI - J & A tutus

GDI - June & A 1

GDI - A asleep

Two outfits, styled by Georgia

Georgia has always had a knack for fashion. So, with her here, I asked if she'd style a couple of fun, run-around town, but not look like a frazzled parent, outfits ;)

Here they are, with links to similar items. 

GDI - outfit 1

Old Navy Rockstar jeans, chiffon blouse from Saksoff5th, tiny gold hoop earrings & these black ballet flats.

GDI - outfit 2

Old Navy maxi dress, floral button down, Rainbow flip flops, orange coral necklace, & of course, my new coffee mug - ha!

Isn't she good? Also, that maxi dress has been my go-to for years.

PS - we are having a blast. Little Aurelia has totally stolen our hearts and I just want this week to stretch longer.

Friday tidbits

GDI - sunrise

Georgia & Aurelia just got here for a week long visit & we are all soooo excited. Right now she and June are exploring the house while June calls her her baby.

What are you doing this weekend? We've got Truett's school's silent auction tonight (!) and we're hoping to go see the St Patrick's Day parade down the street. 

Have a wonderful weekend & see you back here next week!

Way to go! Elementary school dumps homework.

Speaking of school reform - What the Data Won't Show.

HAHA, honest wine reviews.

Gorgeous small kitchen.

The night sky, in your bedroom.

One hour french bread.

Do you have what it takes to win an Inn?

I keep reading about the comeback of the Galapagos tortoise & feeling so inexplicably happy.

Style inspiration

Have a wonderful, warm, bright, happy, coffee ish kind of weekend :)

A few pictures from Saturday night

GDI - gala 1

(my best attempt at a side pose)

As I mentioned Monday, last Saturday night I went to the 9th Unmasking Colon Cancer Gala

I went on a bit of a lark, since my girlfriend had an extra ticket, but ended up moved by so many of the survivor stories.

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped, if you'd like to see (it's surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of yourself modeling.) Since my dress had a 1960's vibe to it, the hair stylist said she would go for a Brigitte Bardot look. You had me at Brigitte Bardot ;)

GDI - gala 2

GDI - gala 3

The funniest mug

GDI - Tina Fey mug

Through a happy turn of events, I was invited to the 9th annual Unmasking Colon Cancer Gala on Saturday night. My rock star friend Marylou had an extra ticket, & had even hired hair and makeup for her hotel room for everyone. It was a Cinderella moment for sure.

As we were all chatting, getting made up and sipping wine, she handed out these mugs. The quote is by Tina Fey and it made me laugh out loud. Also it's so motivating - drinking coffee with that kind of motto in your head ;)

I've got a few cheesy pictures of myself from the event that I'll share tomorrow. In the meantime, hope you're adjusting to the time change - we're not! June was up from 2-4 last night. Good times. xo

Friday tidbits

GDI - snowdrops 3.6.15

What are you up to this weekend? Truett has his first soccer game tomorrow morning (!) and Bud has been clamoring to go bowling :) I'm also trying to gird my loins for June's first haircut ):

Have a great weekend, I hope it's full of rest and delight.

A much needed dose of warm spring air

A day in the life of Jenna Lyons

A beautiful alternative to wallpaper.

Homemade rhubarb bitters. Now to find some rhubarb.

Joanna Goddard's new Brooklyn apartment is swoon worthy.

I plan to make this simple pain au chocolate for our French class next week. 

My friend Miriam turned me on to these Downton recaps & they are fresh & funny. (PS - had you realized Bates was missing his limp?)

Time lapsed video of mushrooms popping up in an emerald forest. Strangely mesmerizing, and the documentary looks so good.

What. the. hell.

I just began this book for our book club & am riveted already.

A beautiful baby shower.

That's it! Have a fantastic weekend & see you back here next week!

Oh, June

GDI - June fairy godmother

Sunday we went to the downtown library to watch a ballet performance of Cinderella. It was a free for kids, and June especially was smitten (not so much Truett).

At the end of the play, the children were allowed to go up to the stage and meet the actors. June walked up to the fairy godmother and shyly said hello. No, she did not want to have her picture taken and no, she did not want to talk anymore. So we walked away. 

About ten minutes later I realized I had no idea where June was. She'd taken herself to the front of the line and was chatting with the fairy godmother alone. While ten other little girls stood in line.

We also took a warm, blustery walk this afternoon and it was ecstatic. Spring!

GDI - spring walk June 2

GDI - spring walk June


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