Friday tidbits

GDI - Friday links 10.2.15

What are you doing this weekend? Poor little True came down with a stomach bug in the middle of the night last night, and so we were up a lot ): I see lots of rest & hot tea this weekend. 

Hope you're having a great Friday, and see you back here next week.

Speaking of Mimi Thorisson (photo credit), read this dreamy account of her family's pop-up restaurant. One of my favorite quotes,

Never have I seen so many dirty dishes, such clammer of silverware. Did you know that the average person in our restaurant used 6 – 7 glasses (none of which goes into the dishwasher) and sometimes much more especially when my husband made them try various wines in differently shaped glasses. Tablecloths were drying on the roof minutes before they were supposed to be used...

Fall foliage map, by dates & states.

A genius way to make pumpkin frappuccino at home. I can't wait to try this.

This is fascinating video called Send The Beloved Child on a Journey. It compares a family in Japan to a family in Australia and what they will allow their child to do. It's 8 minutes and SO worth the watch.

The Ponte full-length dress from Everlane, would make a perfect LBD for fall.

Everything coming to Netflix this fall. Mmm, makes me want to curl up on the couch for a few days :)

World Market is having a rug sale. I especially love this one & this one.

How to up your veggie game. Reminds me that I've been making smoothies for the kids - full of fruit & raw spinach. They love them! 

A funny family Halloween costume(s). HA. You could pin little signs to the kid's shirts that say, "I have to go to the bathroom,"

It's raining witches, is probably my favorite expression for heavy rain.

Lastly - sorry for the light posting this week, we've been very busy. Hopefully next week will be a bit quieter.

That's it - have a wonderful weekend. 

(photo credit the ever-beautiful blog Manger, by Mimi Thorisson)

Five fun places for apple picking

GDI - fall, quote

I have this not-so-secret fantasy of wearing tall leather boots, packing my kiddos in the car with a picnic basket, & going for an autumn trip to an apple-picking farm. This year, it will happen.

Here are five orchards that sound delicious, in case you're in the mood, too :)

GDI - apple picking trouvais image

This one, called Terhune Orchards, is in New Jersey off of Cold Soil Road. Do you love it? It has a vineyard and winery, farm store and, of course, pick your own apples. It sounds amazing, and has apple cider donuts as well. 

In the Carolinas, there's Sky Top Orchard, in Flat Rock, NC. It has a working bee hive, animals & a barnyard and wagon rides. It looks beautiful to boot. This is probably where we'll go. 

GDI - fall dinner party

In New Berlin, Wisconsin, there's a cool-sounding place called Weston's Antique Apple Orchard. It was founded as a safety net during the depression, and is now a working farm with apples that include: Old Church, Lemonade and Strawberry Chenango. The Chenango is so delicate you have to wear gloves when you pick. You can also take grafting classes! I'm intrigued.  

GDI - apple picking

Stribling Orchard, in Markham, Virginia, has a Harvest House full of local cheeses, fresh baked goods & jams. You can pick pumpkins and apples and explore the historic buildings (some of which were built in the 1700's).

At Libertyview Farm in the Hudson Valley, NY, you can show up for a night time apple harvest. How fun does that sound?!

Do you have a favorite place to go? I'm so excited to try it out!!

Lastly - how to use each apple variety in cooking, baking & eating

PS - if I didn't post anything remotely close to you, here is an exhaustive list by state.

(image credits in order: feastingathome, trouvais, camillestyles & atthepicketfence.

Friday tidbits

June flowers 5

What will you be up to this weekend? I've got book club tonight - we read The Pecan Man for September & will be reading Smoke Gets In Your Eyes for October - and then we'll be helping my parents move into their new apartment here in Columbia!! They are planning to split their time between here and Florida and we are THRILLED!

Let's do some fun links & see you back here Monday. Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend (Trader Joe's is pumpkin-everything right now, and I'm CITED (as June would say)).

I'm on hold at the library for Voracious. The author, Cara Nicoletti, cooks her way through classic books. Think: breakfast sausage from Little House in the Big Woods.

Are octopuses really aliens

Made me laugh. Nature Rx.

Great ideas for how to take a little time for yourself.

Monster storage bins, to help your kiddos clean up.

I'm buying all of these for fall ;) kidding not kidding.

An artistic way to stack chopped wood. I think this picture would make a beautiful framed print.

How to roast chestnuts. The taste of chestnuts always makes me yearn for NYC.

A perfect weekend getaway for fall.

Which spurred me to look up Frette linens (oddly, this is the second time in two days I've read about them). Sometimes it's better not to know these things ;p

That's it - have a marvelous weekend. xoxoxo

June picture courtesy of my artist friend Liz

The BB-8 Shuffle

Have you guys seen the latest from Sean Hayes and his husband, Scott Icenogle? Kind of makes me want to move to LA and become their new best friend. (If it's not loading, refresh your browser and wait a sec).


"The BB-8 Shuffle" feat. Sean Hayes & Scott Icenogle

Having some fun with our new roomie. Thanks to BB-8 & Yello!

Posted by Sean Hayes on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where best to travel with a large group?

GDI - everlane weekender

Next year my dad turns 70 and so, as a big treat, our whole family would like to take a vacation together. We're all stoked.

Except. It's become a logistical nightmare. We have 10 adults & 10 kids, ranging in ages from 2 - 10. 

GDI - birthday balloons

So far we've kicked around the ideas of: Ireland, Dominican Republic & something stateside (Williamsburg, Edisto Beach).

Each idea comes with its own set of pros and cons. International is obviously more expensive and logistically more difficult, but makes for a much more significant trip.

Stateside seems like a simpler option, until you begin to factor in things for kiddos to do, beautiful accommodations that aren't astronomical etc.

GDI - birthday bunting

What do you think? Have you traveled with a large group before? Any tips or recommendations? I'd really love to hear. 

Top image The Weekender from Everlane.

Friday tidbits

GDI - quote Chanel

What will you do this weekend? Tonight I'm looking forward to a housewarming party down the street, while the kids will be having movie night + popcorn with the babysitter.

And tomorrow I'd love to do some fall cooking like this (my kids will not eat this) or this (for busy school nights).

Let's do some links & see you back here next week!

Summer recommended this Jodi Picoult book, so I've got it on hold at the library.

Three words: wine ice cream.

A cozy looking Irish wool sweater.

YES! FINALLY! I have thought this for years - The Myth of Quality Time.

Online design services from domino for only $185. Score.

Love this simple plaid dress for fall.

Last weekend I had the most amazing experience - I looked into our neighbor's back yard (like, FEET away) and saw the BIGGEST owl I've ever seen, just perched on her low-hanging power line. Now I'm determined to attract more. Bonus, they help keep pests away naturally!

Have I mentioned how much I'd kill to attend this Jazz Age Lawn Party? Ha - the pretension in the room would choke Bud, but I'd swan around like so much hipster. Maybe we can throw our own but with cheap beer & suburban chic clothes. 

This is hilarious & will help keep you sane. Instead of buying me a horse. HAHAHAHA.

And, lastly, have you read any of the #IStandWIthAhmed hashtags? Some of them are pretty funny + spot on.

That's it - have a great weekend!

Where to buy this print + image credit.

10 pretty wallpapers

An elegant chinoiserie in platinum, from Cowtan and Tout, image via Houzz.
GDI - flamingo wallpaper
Fun & lighthearted flamingos by Cole & Son, image & buy at Wallpaper Direct.
GDI - gold wallpaper
This gold pattern, found on Harper's Bazaar, is a nice mix between bold & restrained.
GDI - honeybee wallpaper
A honeybee pattern, for a library or den.
GDI - little hand balloon wallpaper
Oh my gosh, this wallpaper for a child's room. Hot air balloons by little hands.
GDI - chasing paper owls wolves
Wild, by Chasing Paper would be perfect for a studio, or kitchen, don't you think?
GDI - martinique wallpaper
How cozy & beautiful is this English-countryside-meets-the-islands Martinique wallpaper?
GDI - old wallpaper carlaaston
If you're going for a peeling chateau feel (as we all are ;), this wallpaper from Carla Aston is stunning.
GDI - daydream in grey hyggeandwest
A calming grey, with cheerful bits of bright green, I think this could work for just about any room (Daydream by Hyggeandwest).
GDI - rockettstgeorge textured wallpaper
Lastly, this gorgeous textured wallpaper that comes in white-only, so that you can paint it whatever color you'd like. I LOVE the dark blue.
What's your favorite? I used to be so afraid of wallpaper, but am now in love with it.

A picture at June's insistence

GDI - June lipstick beach

On our last night at the beach, I drove all of the kids (minus Porter) to a pizza place for dinner. Summer and my parents rode with the baby in the car behind us.

Anyway - I passed back my bright red lipstick, on a whim, to let the kids try on. 

Ella put it on very carefully, Truett smeared some on his cheek, & June took it very, very seriously. She  smoothed some on her lips and then, when we got to the restaurant, climbed onto a decorative buoy and asked me to take her picture.

She's a delightful little nut.

Friday tidbits

GDI - beach Fri 9.11.15

What are you doing this weekend? Today is our last day at the beach so we're trying to soak it all in, and then tomorrow we head home. It's been a dreamy vacation, but I'm also looking forward to being home, seeing our pooches & visiting with friends. Hope you have a great weekend & see you back here next week!

An earthenware bowl on sale at Terrain. So pretty.

The perfect flannel shirt for fall.

Have you ever tried one ingredient ice cream?

I can't resist posting this Clinton Hill apartment renovation.

Hipster Barbie Instagram account. Brilliant.

This article on how to disagree is so, so good.

Raising my hand vigorously for organic wines! My favorite inexpensive label is Our Daily Red and it DOES give me less of a hangover.

A new species in the human lineage

Worth it, Ellen & Jimmy lip sync.

A 102 year old picture, in color

That's it - xoxoxo.

More pictures from our holiday at the beach

GDI - beach 2015 boys toys

(the boys bring in the toys at the end of the day)

*I don't usually call vacations holidays, but June loves Peppa Pig & we've noticed she now inserts bits of British vocabulary into her everyday. Example: "mama, is that parcel for me?" Ha!

We've been beaching it up, body surfing (me, unsuccessfully), cooking big meals & playing cards (the kids have become obsessed with War). 

Here are a few more snapshots, if you're curious to see.

GDI - beach 2015 girls beach

Molly and June are nuts about each other, and Molly laughs out loud at nearly everything June says.

GDI - beach 2015 kids cards

The kids can spend hours on a top bunk playing monster games of War.

GDI - beach 2015 apple sand

An apple, nice and gritty from the beach.

GDI - beach 2015 Molly June

Can you spot the girls?

GDI - beach 2015 selfie Ella photo bomb

Cutest photo bomber.

GDI - beach 2015 dinner

Best memories :) xoxoxoxo


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