Friday tidbits

GDI - snowdrops 3.6.15

What are you up to this weekend? Truett has his first soccer game tomorrow morning (!) and Bud has been clamoring to go bowling :) I'm also trying to gird my loins for June's first haircut ):

Have a great weekend, I hope it's full of rest and delight.

A much needed dose of warm spring air

A day in the life of Jenna Lyons

A beautiful alternative to wallpaper.

Homemade rhubarb bitters. Now to find some rhubarb.

Joanna Goddard's new Brooklyn apartment is swoon worthy.

I plan to make this simple pain au chocolate for our French class next week. 

My friend Miriam turned me on to these Downton recaps & they are fresh & funny. (PS - had you realized Bates was missing his limp?)

Time lapsed video of mushrooms popping up in an emerald forest. Strangely mesmerizing, and the documentary looks so good.

What. the. hell.

I just began this book for our book club & am riveted already.

A beautiful baby shower.

That's it! Have a fantastic weekend & see you back here next week!

Oh, June

GDI - June fairy godmother

Sunday we went to the downtown library to watch a ballet performance of Cinderella. It was a free for kids, and June especially was smitten (not so much Truett).

At the end of the play, the children were allowed to go up to the stage and meet the actors. June walked up to the fairy godmother and shyly said hello. No, she did not want to have her picture taken and no, she did not want to talk anymore. So we walked away. 

About ten minutes later I realized I had no idea where June was. She'd taken herself to the front of the line and was chatting with the fairy godmother alone. While ten other little girls stood in line.

We also took a warm, blustery walk this afternoon and it was ecstatic. Spring!

GDI - spring walk June 2

GDI - spring walk June

Two small pleasures

GDI - ranunculus

A week ago I was at Trader Joe's and spotted little pots of daffodils & hyacinth. I quickly snapped up one of each and put the hyacinth on my bedside table. Every time I walk into my room, and especially when I cuddle up in bed at night with a book and a cup of tea, I get a fresh dose of spring fever. They smell heavenly. If you don't have a Trader Joe's, here is one on amazon & here is a hyacinth scented candle. Either way, it is a lovely thing in your room.

GDI - flowers by bedside

Second, we are loving these Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems. They are easy enough for an early reader and truly entertaining for the grown up listening (or reading). We've already found a few at our library and the kids and I both love them.

That's it - just two small things for happiness :)

(top image via aspotofwhimsey)

Friday tidbits

GDI - 2.27.15

What are you doing this weekend? My dear friend Miriam is coming in for a visit, & I'd love to take her and the kids to the marionette theatre. We've not been yet, but I've heard wonderful stuff. Also, I'm hoping to make this pear galette for a special dessert.

What will you be doing? xoxo & see you back here Monday.

Have you seen this original 1950's kitchen? Wow, like a time capsule.

What color is this goddamn dress? Haha. For the record, I've seen both blue/black and white/gold. So weird.

These pictures are breathtaking. A beautiful body project.

Have you ever used luminizer? I'm curious if it's as amazing as everyone says. (got the idea from this post on Cup of Jo).

A fun project to do with your kids.

Christina Aguilera's impersonations of Cher & Britney.

 This made me laugh. Truth.

I loved this honest post about being a blogger (and the internet culture in general).

Bring back breakfast. Civilized, yes Nancy?

That's it! Have a great weekend you guys.

A bakery recommendation

GDI - well bred mountain eclair

After our snowy visit to Virginia last week, we were headed home and decided to stop for a bite to eat in Weaverville, NC. I love Weaverville, it's where we spent a week when I was pregnant with Truett, & since then, we've stopped a few times for lunch & to poke around the small town.

This time we stumbled onto the Well-Bred Bakery and it was so good. We all had sandwiches, soup and, for dessert, shared an enormous Well-Bred Mountain Eclair. It was so big we were able to share it, bring some along for the car ride and even have some leftover for the next day. 

I love finding new little places to try on road trips. What's your favorite hidden spot?

GDI - WBB coffee

Both images from

June's woodland fairy birthday party

GDI - Bea & June party

Yesterday we had friends over for cake & punch to celebrate June's 3rd birthday.

Her birthday party theme was woodland fairy and we all pitched in to make it special. Our neighbors made a fairy house inside a terrarium, Bud & his dad made two amazing garlands out of ivy and magnolia leaves & Truett, June and I baked cakes and hung paintings :)

We had so much fun and I got a little teary when all of June's friends stood around the table belting out Happy Birthday (along with June, who kept singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUNE).

Here are some pictures of the festivities, below, if you'd like to see.

GDI - fairycake chocolate

GDI - fairycake vanilla

GDI - fairyscape

GDI - garland 1

GDI - garland 2

GDI - June birthday painted garland

GDI - June Hope

GDI - June candles

GDI - June mama kiss

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

GDI - June's 3rd birthday party Bea

Friday tidbits (& stay cozy)

GDI - 2.20.15 

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow is our first book club meeting & Truett has a 1/2 mile fun run! Bud's dad will be coming to town, and Sunday we are having June's long awaited woodland fairy birthday party :)

This weekend I hope you're doing something relaxing and that you stay warm. See you back here next week!

Leather butterfly chair. This would instantly pull a room together and make it look chic.

12 tips for staying toasty.

Just got this book out from the library. It's supposed to be old-world romantic. 

A beautiful wedding.

6 tips for decluttering. I think I need a tshirt that says I heart decluttering.

A fun movie if you're in the mood to snuggle up in pajamas and watch movies this weekend.

Sophisticated + cute blue jeans.

Be still my heart. A sea lion pup hops aboard a family's kayak!

The duchess and an eye roll. She's adorable.

DIY gnome hats, for your next kiddo party :)

That's it - hope you have a fabulous weekend.

June's first ballet lesson

GDI - June's first ballet lesson

And she loved it. She's so different from Truett in that she cannot wait to join classes, school etc. Wednesday when we dropped Truett off at school she told me she'd gotten bigger & was ready for school now. My <3, my darling.

Snow day pictures

We were happily snowed in at Summer's house on Monday & here are some pictures I snapped, if you'd like to see :) Hope you're staying warm & cozy, wherever you are. 

GDI - Bud Cutch Ella

GDI - Copper snowday

GDI - Porter snow day

GDI - snow day Jonesville

GDI - Truett snowday

We had soooo much fun & Summer makes a killer hot chocolate (maybe she'll post the recipe in the comments?) xoxoxo

Friday tidbits

GDI - 2.13.15

We're headed to Virginia in a couple of hours, to hang out with my sister and her family for the weekend. The kids are psyched and we're hoping - if everyone gets to bed on time - to have a relaxing dinner on Saturday. 

What are you doing this weekend? Celebrating Valentine's Day, or maybe Galentine's

Let's do some fun links, and see you back here Monday. 

Mummified remains of 200 year old man in lotus position. There's some yoga for you.

The 20 most beautiful children's books.

7 reasons your wife is stressed out all the time

How to fall asleep in under a minute.

This couple is restoring a chateau built in the 1700's. And you'll be able to visit it soon.

DIY Valentine gift wrap.

Oh my gosh, sexy

An inspiring quote.

A pretty vintage bassinet redo.

I'm really feeling dark blue these days.

Some podcasts to keep us busy until Serial begins again :)

That's it - have a great weekend! xo


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